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greenhost is Finland-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Shared Hosting. Their servers are placed in next locations: Finland, Germany, United States.

For us, environmental friendliness is a natural part of our service.
 Greenhost is the first Finnish company to offer its customers completely carbon-free web hosting services. Our services scale from cheaper entry-level packages to broader, individually designed services. The services combine 100% environmental friendliness, as well as company-level technical features and operational reliability.

A growing proportion of consumers are demanding more environmentally friendly services from companies. The customer’s first idea of ​​the company is often obtained through the home pages, so the perception provided by the sites is important for the future customer relationship. With the greenhosted certificate, which guarantees the environmental friendliness of the site and is free of charge for our customers, it is easy for the company to communicate its environmentally friendly attitude.

Turning websites into climate-neutral is an affordable and easy way to start the transition to a greener future. It is also of great importance for the environment.

An easy and affordable service package for a start-up company, association or individual.

-500 MB of disk space
-10 GB traffic recommendation
-MySQL / PHP5 / emails and backups
-Easy to use and easily expandable service

The company’s efficient service package, with everything already included as standard.

-1000 MB of disk space
-Unlimited traffic
-MySQL / PHP / emails and backups
-Possibility to create your own project or customer-specific sub-accounts

SERVER LOCATIONS: Finland , Germany,  United States

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