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GreenGeeks is a multifunctional American hosting platform with servers primarily located in North America. The company positions itself as an eco-friendly platform built on energy-saving technologies. GreenGeeks management says their project is powered by fully renewable energy with efficiency rates of up to 300%. At the same time, the company’s “green” data centers provide high stability and speed. So the company manages to harmoniously combine environmental friendliness, manufacturability and affordability.

At the moment, more than 50,000 clients are provided by the company’s services, and more than 600,000 websites operate on GreenGeeks servers. For today GreenGeeks-com clients include webmasters and entrepreneurs from over 150 countries.

Technological aspect

It is high technology that is the core of GreenGeeks philosophy. The company truly confirms its reputation as a high-tech provider. Among the technical advantages of GreenGeeks servers over competitors it is worth noting:

  1. Server fire extinguishing system FM 200, which guarantees the safety of user data even in case of emergency;
  2. SAS 70 Type 1 certification, confirming a serious business management;
  3. Diversification of energy sources, which guarantees stable access to information 24/7 with no interruptions;
  4. Advanced server software (LiteSpeed, LSCache, MariaDB, PHP7);
  5. Responsive website builder and automatic CMS installation.

The platform also supports the latest versions of Python and Perl. Developers have access to Git, WP-Cli, Drush, and a number of other services. However, traditional functions such as FTP access and MySQL are available here. GreenGeeks provides the required level of reliability, stability and data transfer speed, for which it consistently receives high expert ratings.


GreenGeeks does not offer a high-tech product at competitive prices. The range of hosting services includes:

  • Shared hosting;
  • Reseller hosting;
  • VPS hosting;
  • Dedicated server.

All tariff plans provide for a 30-day test period, after which you can get your money back and cancel the service. Currently, only credit card payments are available.

Shared hosting

The company offers 3 tariffs in the “shared hosting” category:

  • Rate for 1 small growing website or blog. CPU performance category: 1x. Price: $ 2.49 / month
  • For growing projects with increasing demands for speed and processing power. CPU performance category: 2x. Price: $ 4.95 / month.
  • The best choice for online stores and popular portals. CPU performance category: 4x. Dedicated IP. Price: $ 8.95 / month.

All rates include:

  • Unlimited disk space;
  • SSL certificate;
  • Domain name payment for 1 year;
  • Night backup;
  • CDN on Cloudflare;
  • Unlimited Email Accounts;
  • Installing / updating CMS WordPress;
  • Unlimited databases;

VPS hosting

The company offers 3 tariffs in the VPS hosting category:

  • 2 GB RAM + 4 virtual processors. SSD: 50 GB. Price: $ 39.95 / month;
  • 4 GB RAM + 4 virtual processors. SSD: 75 GB. Price: $ 59.95 / month;
  • 8 GB RAM + 6 virtual processors. SSD: 150 GB. Price: $ 109.95 / month.

All VPS tariffs necessarily include:

  • cPanel;
  • SSL certificate;
  • Free website transfer;
  • Softaculous license;
  • GreenGeeks caliper support;
  • Data transfer limit: 10 TB.

Reseller hosting

The company offers 3 tariffs in the “reseller hosting” category:

  • RH-25. Up to 60 GB of SSD disk space available. Data-transfer: up to 600 GB. 25 cPanel accounts. Price $ 19.95 / month.
  • RH-50. Up to 80 GB of SSD disk space available. Data-transfer: up to 800 GB. 50 cPanel accounts. Price: $ 24.95 / month.
  • RH-80. Up to 160 GB of SSD disk space available. Data-transfer: up to 1600 GB. 80 cPanel accounts. Price: $ 34.95 / month.

All plans include an SSL certificate and 24/7 GreenGeeks admin support.

Dedicated server

The company offers 4 tariffs in the “dedicated server” category:

  • Entry Server. Intel Atom 330 dual core processor. 2GB DDR 3. 1x500GB SATA drive. Price: $ 169 / month.
  • Standard Server. Xeon E3-1220 3.1 GHz processor. 4GB DDR memory 3. 2×500 GB SATA disks. Price: $ 269 / month.
  • Elite Server. Xeon E3-1230 3.2 GHz processor with HT. 8GB DDR 3. 2x500GB SATA disk. Price: $ 319 / month.
  • Pro Server. Xeon E5-2620 2.0GHz HT 16GB DDR 3. 2x500GB SATA Disk. Price: 439 $ / month.

All tariffs provide for a data transfer limit of up to 10 GB and 5 IP addresses.

Affiliate program

You can earn up to $ 100 for registering each new users through your referral link. Affiliate bonuses are accrued according to the following scheme:

  • 1 sale $ 50;
  • 2 sales $ 60;
  • 3 sales $ 70;
  • 4 sales $ 80;
  • 5 sales $ 90;
  • 6+ $ 100 sales.

Each registered user automatically becomes a member of the referral program.


GreenGeeks is a well-known American hosting provider with a positive reputation, which has been successfully operating since 2008. Currently, clients from more than 150 countries are cooperating with the provider. GreenGeeks’ pricing policy is very democratic, especially if the payment is made for a long time. At the same time, the company guarantees an uptime of 99.9%, and free support assistance to all customers:

  1. telephone call;
  2. Email;
  3. online chat.

Also each customer may contact support using Facebook. According to reviews you get an answer instantly.

The creators of the project have also developed a complete knowledge base that will help in mastering the work on hosting. In this sense, GreenGeeks has created a comfortable ecosystem for both beginners who know nothing about server administration, and for the pros who need advanced tools. On the thematic forums, they speak especially well about the support service.

The project definitely deserves attention, despite the lack of the possibility of anonymous payment. GreenGeeks-com is a powerful start for a promising startup and a solid foundation for mature projects.

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