Grayscale Investments Net Highest Ever Investments in One Week

What the television can do should not be underrated.

Grayscale has recorded the highest investments in a single week since it was launched. This recent achievement can be credited to its concerted efforts on TV advertisements which it did on some television networks. In fact, an authoritative source revealed that up to $217 million worth of investments was registered in Grayscale few days after the advertisements.

Much of the $217 million investments were channeled into Bitcoin. Altogether, over 14,422 BTC worth nearly $170,000 was invested in the Bitcoin Trust Fund—this is verifiable at the SEC. This has brought the number of BTCs in Grayscale Investments to 409,131 BTC. This amount of Bitcoins is not circulated among Bitcoin lovers.

The power of advertisement is now being appreciated by the investment firms. Last week, it was Galaxy Digital that advertised its products and services on the Financial Times and it took a full page to do that.

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