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Build the Wall and Keep it Green – slogan of ERC-20 green token, popped out few days ago. Innovation in crypto world, offering to form a buy/sell wall to activate the payout. According to rules, every participant creating this graph, receive bounty – a share from accumulated ETH. Build started at $12.83 back in 2020.

Project was created out of frustration. Mainly from seeing shitcoins get hyped without making expected profit. They promise huge buybacks, but if the community turns out to be 1 person, and the coin is dead, makes crypto holders upsetting. Investors make money by trading/buying cryptocurrency, especially when inspired by new projects. Unfortunately they still lose hope and money. Most annoying fact, is that developers aren’t making unique decisions, won’t write modern functions to help improve their startup.

Frustration brings changes, that’s what $BUILD community is about. The functions for buildit crypto, was written the new method, rewarding each trader. Perfect way to bring coin higher, to increase the owner’s income. The creator made a counter, it gathers information about every buy/sell, it forms a consecutive flow – an activity wall for build token.

How it works?

• The contract – accumulating ETH from each buy/sell of buildit crypto

• Taxes: Buy/Sell – 5%.

ETH will be activated after 10 successfully buys. Sell tax can swap up to 21%, and resets back to 5%.

• The buy wall – if someone breaks it with new sell, stored ETH will be distributed to every buyer, who managed to build the buy wall.

• Notes – only 10 or more buys, will receive ETH bounty.

Gr33n token is available for swapping. Coin will relaunch to the contract that’s already in the place. Swapping your V1 BUILD into V2 BUILD will help improve the current wall.

Important fact, that 3% of every buy or sell will be automatically added to reward pool.

Anyone can purchase it on Uniswap and monitor the Chart activity on Dextools.

Feel the power of creating something together with build token.

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