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Earn Money

Views are counted whenever the video is started. There is no need for the viewer to watch specific percent of the video. ❞
❝ The video length must be 1 minute at least, in order to be rewarded. But, keep in mind; it’s not necessary for the viewer to watch 1 minute of the video. ❞
❝ Our profit rates have been stable and reliable since 2016 and do not change with the changes in the advertising market (Ads Networks Rates) in order to ensure the stability of our users’ incomes and protect them from fluctuations in the advertising market. ❞
❝ We only display clean and safe ads. No notifications ads nor (Force to install) ads. We only display family friendly ads on accounts that uploads mainstream content. For accounts that includes pornography content, we show adult ads. If you noticed a malicious ad, or an adult ad on your account that doesn’t include pornography content, contact us immediately! ❞
❝ Using automated tools to obtain fake views for profit will lead to direct bans when checking the sources of your views when you request the first payment. We will check the IP address of each view and its ISP to make sure it’s legit. We advise you to save your resources and not to tamper with our experience that has been gained from a 5 years of hard working! ❞
❝ Blocking our player ads using the SandBox tool will also result in a final account blocking to protect our resources from abusive behaviors. There will be no opportunity to recover the account and your effort by uploading your files will be lost. Manipulating the player to get the direct link to the video and use the resources unauthorized as HotLinking will put the account in the same position. ❞
❝ We always strive to establish long-term partnerships with our users and provide the service in a manner that meets their aspirations, by providing comprehensive services in an effort to keep up with their aspirations. You can contact us at any time to discuss any special requests or distinctive features you seek to see with the service. You can also request a personal account manager if your account is in compliance with the conditions required to obtain a manager and we will be able to assist you at any time through technical support via email for any purpose related to Service and we will be more than happy to serve you. ❞

You can earn 10% of any user you refer, forever. The 10% is the percent you get from whatever the referred user earns

The minimum is $10 for PayPal, WebMoney, and Bitcoin. We also pay the fees in your behalf with Bitcoins! ❞

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