Google Ads Are Playing no Role in Combating Crypto Scams

Why is it so difficult for a tech giant to give its users maximum protection?

Some Uniswap crypto exchange users may have fallen prey to crypto scammers because of an ad they saw on Google.

A Google user and one who promotes the course of cryptocurrency tweeted this yesterday, Aug 11: “URGENT WARNING FOR ANYONE USING UNISWAP,”

BitBoy tweeted again and this time, his tweet was specifically for Goggle. It said:

“Google you should be ashamed. Whoever runs GoogleAds is FAILING MISERABLY. On YouTube where scammers get ads through and now on your own platform.”

BitBoy noticed that when someone made a search for Uniswap on Google, it brought up an advertisement of the crypto exchange sometimes. Bitboy said clicking the page led to a site which was similar to Uniswap’s in all aspects except that there was a section provided for submitting the seed phrase of one’s crypto wallet.

BitBoy was so sure of his comments because one of his friends was tricked and thereby lost up to $30,000.

Many people got to know about Uniswap this week because its altcoin was doing well. This recent news, hopefully, will not spoil its users’ vibes.

Google has been careless recently over the quality of ads they present to viewers. Even YouTube is to be blamed for allowing fake videos to run for several hours. Many of the fake videos were about bitcoin giveaways and other activities that call for donation.

In addition, some crypto users on YouTube lost their accounts because they were hacked and used to promote fake BTC giveaways.

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