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Your Share in the World’s Digital Economy
Redefining the ecocycle for precious metals, stones and jewellery by utilizing the power of blockchain and cryptography.

Goldario is creating a platform for its jewellery based ecosystem and deploying its financial model on a blockchain. It is tokenizing the existing emerald mines, stone cutting & polishing factories, jewellery manufacturing factories, and retail merchant networks. Mainly, in this way, it enables people with lower investment minimums and high net worth individuals or institutional investors alike. This creates an ecosystem whereby the community can benefit from their positions against underlying businesses, getting lucrative periodic rewards and dividends.

About the Goldario Project.

Goldario is the world’s first platform that strives to revolutionize the eco-cycle of mining of precious metals (gold), stones (emeralds), jewellery manufacturing and retail business. This financial instrument is a digitized share in gold and emerald mines and in-house jewellery production for the world market.

Our Vision

We envision to revolutionize the entire eco-style of the jewelry industry by utilizing emerging technologies namely blockchain, cryptography, smart contracts, AI and Fintech. We aim to create an ecosystem where we make it easy for individuals – whether ordinary consumers or institutional investors – to invest in businesses that are supported by a complete ecosystem of precious metals, stone and jewelry factories & retail businesses, while also maintaining security, audit capabilities and liquidity

Our mission

Goldario aims to be the world’s leading choice platform for consumers and businesses engaged in the jewelry industry. It seeks to enable users to acquire and own physical mining rights, jewelry manufacturing plants and jewelry retail businesses from around the world, and by doing so, create assets that underlie potential support for Goldario (GLD) Tokens.


● John recommends the GLD Token sale too one of his friend i.e. Tom who decides to purchase tokens Worth of one hundred Thousand US dollars. As a referral commission, he is rewarded a certain percentage of tokens from the amount purchased by his friend/referral.

● Now, the same referral i.e. Tom further refer another friend e.g. Emma, who make an investment/purchase of 5000 USD worth of GLD Tokens. In return, while Emma’s purchase would make Tom eligible for the reward, a certain percentage of reward will also be issued to John, being the main referral. 


●  Scalability

GLD Token is capable of handling any amount of transactional volume— all the time— without having the chances of the network getting down or showing any sign of sluggishness. Unlike centralized apps and payment financial structures, there is not a single point of failure and all the transaction activities are open and transparent to the whole community.

●  Decentralization

GLD Token is decentralized and community-owned. Deployed on Ethereum Network, it ensures no central point of failures or bureaucratic manipulations.

●  Security

For digital assets and the network, GLD Token uses Ethereum based proof of work consensus for transaction confirmation, ensuring that no hacker or bad actors can manipulate any transaction.

●  Minimal Fees

GLD Token will offer a significantly lower fee than any other major online payment system enabling users to send, receive or perform any GLD Tokens at minimal costs

●  Exchangeable

GLD Token can easily be exchanged for fiat such as USD, EURO and Pound. Moreover, it can also be redeemed against other commodities such as Gems and Jewellery via the Goldario Platform.

●  Passive Income

Get access to passive income by purchasing and holding GLD Token. After a certain time, revenue captured from the business activities are distributed among token holders proportional to their holdings.

●  Utility

Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies whose value depends on speculations and market supply and demand hype, GLD Token has a direct utility within the Goldario ecosystem whereby it can be exchanged against precious metals and stones. 

●  Easy Transactions

Exchange and transfer of GLD Token is as easy as sending an email. All you need is to download any existing ERC20 Token supporting wallet. 

●  Transparency

The transparent, immutable nature of the blockchain provides open access to information at all times, thereby, ensuring fully transparent process, accurate data records and equal terms for everyone.

The management at Goldario has a belief that marketing, and community building plays a significant role in the success of a platform and especially in a crowdfunding project that involves the participation of a common man. Planning a strategy to market our project from the day one is essential, and we are taking a multi-faceted approach that maximizes limited resources and utilizes different conventional and non-conventional marketing channels.

Some of the strategies we would be following are:


Word of mouth marketing is when one person mention a certain product or project to another and the message pass on and on. At Goldario, we would be offering bonus and referral campaigns to our token sale participants and as incentive, reward contributors with GLDs tokens who are committed to the cause by growing our community base.

One of the most important aspects for a crypto project is marketing it in a way that all the people holding it have a place to spend it. As a platform that directly deals in manufacturing of precious metals and stones into jewellery products, Goldario enjoy the advantage as it offers direct utility by accepting GLD Token as a payment method against precious stones and metals. Furthermore, in our quest of making GLD as a mass mode of payment and a store of value, our marketing team have devised a thorough research and have the best strategies for people from all walks of life belonging to all demographics.

To spread our message to potential investors, traders and general public, we create awareness campaigns throughout the globe and always participate in crypto expos and blockchain conferences. We sponsor mega events and our highly professional marketing team actively participates in these Expos ensuring maximum conversion of GLD token.

We also make periodic press releases across top financial news and tech sites. Moreover, we also aim to share our project with top publishers and authors and in doing so get coverage for the project.

We also keep on partnering with key merchandisers around the globe that is beneficial for both of the parties and helps in enhancing acceptability of the GLD Token.

For ensuring maximum outreach to the public, we conduct events and advertisements where our GLD token is endorsed by famous celebrities from music and film industry.

We also aim to list our crowd-sale across the leading IEO/ICO sites. This will help us reach direct target audience i.e. people who are interested in cryptocurrency. 


GLD Token is an ERC20 token deployed on the Ethereum blockchain network that works as a financial instrument offering a digitized share in the underlying gold and emerald mines and in-house jewellery production for the world market. The token can serve as a store of value while also enabling peer to peer exchange of value in a blockchain-based trustless environment.


It is true that Goldario is not a traditional startup as it has already acquired shares in Emerald and gold mines, ownership of a gold manufacturing and polishing factory and has a dedicated team committed for it. However, in order to execute the Goldario ecosystem as per the roadmap, and to incentivize community participation within the ecosystem, Goldario will offer an initial coin offering or a crowd-sale for public participation. 


The first phase i.e. Private round would be reserved for selected individual traders, institutional investors, venture capitalists, HNIs, and organizations dealing in precious metal and stones industry. A specific bonus reward mechanism would be adopted during this round, details of which would be shared on the website i.e.


During this phase, the Goldario management would provide users/investors with the main public round sale i.e. crowd-sale which will be conducted on a certain initial exchange offering launchpad or offered directly through the CRM Software. The token sale activity would be followed with an immediate exchange of Goldario Token from their contribution. 


Token economics proposal – GOLDARIO (Token ICO price : 1.00 USD per token ) 

●  The presale

will take place using a smart contract and an ether address that will be sent with instructions by email and may or may not be on a web page. The presale is limited to 100 million tokens. 

●  The token sale

will offer 300,000,000 tokens to the public as a soft cap. They will be sold using a smart contract until all 300 million have been sold, in 4 months, whichever comes first. The price will be set in ether/usdt. Buyers will receive ERC20 tokens at the conclusion of the sale/or immediately during the IEO.

●  The minimum raise for presale and sale combined

will be around $300 million, set ahead of the sale and priced in ether (approximately 03 million tokens)

●  The target is roughly $1 billion has a hard cap for this project.

The marketing effort will receive 90 million tokens, or 30 percent. This is to pay all the people and companies who have worked so hard to create and manage the token sale. 1 percent of these tokens will be tradable immediately — they are bounty and contest rewards. The other two percent will be locked up for 3 months after the sale ends.


– Start of Token Crowd sale: Date 01-07-2020
– Duration: 180 days
– Token symbol: GLD
– Token standard: ERC-20 (For Token Sale)
– Soft cap: 300 million USD
– Hard cap: 1 Billion USD Total token supply: 1,000,000,000
– Token price: 1.00 USD per token
– Bonus allocation: 30%

Token Allocation

● 5%: Sold through Block Processor
● 15%: Bonus allocation at BP
● 20%: Exchange Sales
● 10%: Sales discount of
● 50%: Bounty Representative

Fund Distribution Plan

● 60%: direct investment
● 30%: Marketing and Bouncing
● 4%: operation
● 3%: platform development
● 2%: Team Development
● 1%: Founding Team


The Goldario Platform is a standalone business model, where all financial activities will be carried out by both countries that are already professional and well-known with years of industry experience and have the best teams from both countries.

GOLDARIO is profitable for investors, as it has real collateralization with a commodity. In addition, when cryptocurriencies are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (Paris agreement), they have more stability.

AUTO POOLING SYSTEM With Modern Block Processing

$125 – Mini Block Processor – In your block 7 Entries required for completion after you and you will get 300% as a reward.
On Block Completion $375 – $125 can be withdrawn and $250 will move to the next auto block processor.
Earn Referral Bonus
10% Instant Referral Commission
$250 – 2X Block Processor – In your block 15 Entries required for completion after you and you will get 400% as a reward.

On block Completion $1000 – $500 can be withdrawn and $500 will move to the next auto block processor.

Earn Referral Bonus
10% Instant Referral Commission


$500 – 4X Block Processor – In your block 15 Entries required for completion after you and you will get 400% as a reward.
On block completion $2000 – 1000 Withdrawal and 1000 will be divided into 8 Mini Block Processors of $125 as automatic pool reversal, which means upon completion of 4X Block Processor 8 New mini Blocks will be opened again as reversal pooling strategy by the system to power up your downline.
Earn Referral Bonus
10% Instant Referral Commission

$1000 Available for Withdrawal and System will auto re-buy new 8 Blocks of $125.

$2500 – Individual Block Processor – In your block 7 Entries required for completion after you and you will get 200% as a reward.Earn Referral Bonus
10% Instant Referral Commission

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