Gohayya game price, graphics, NFT and market capitalization


GO HAYYA – Metaverse NFT-based football game, play to earn gohayya crypto

You will be able to collect 8 types of player cards of different rarity – from basic to goat. Game got its own coin –HAYYA, gohayya price was $0.0002374 per 1 token. Basic player rating is a regular card, Normal and higher ranked are player NFT. To get it, you must buy a random loot box which contains a Normal rarity card. Base level is free to keep, if one want a Normal or higher level, you must spend NRBF (NuriFootBall) to purchase a box. Gohayya crypto has its marketplace, for trading in-game NFT. To start playing, make sure you got at least 11 players.

Basic game rules, and how to earn HAYYA token

Game is based on league-like system which is used in real soccer, each one takes 10 rounds. User competes with AI, and every next stage you play with stronger opponent. Use your HAYYA token to get good cards, which surely help you to create a balanced team. System is forming a team randomly, but you can check the artificial intelligence team against you. Depending on information you will get about enemy team, you should start creating your own. Before it starts, user must fill the details for every single match. Game developers are planning to bring PVP in the future.

Participating is available between 12:00 every Monday and midnight each Saturday, main event starts on Saturday and finishes on Monday. Make sure to check the match results and receive compensation after 11:00 on Monday. Users who were taking part in gameplay will earn bounty. Every week TOP 10 ranked players will get some extra valuable rewards. After the game, you get match compensation points for exchanging into NRFB.

Take your part in actual game prediction event every week

• Premier League


• Serie A

• Bundesliga

If user manage to get correct predictions, he will get awarded with GO HAYYA points, that can be also exchanged into NFRB.

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