Gist e-marketing tools review, getgist-com advantages and disadvantages

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Gist is a set of e-marketing tools for promoting goods and services through electronic communication channels. The company declares its mission as providing access to an automation platform and optimizing key marketing activities aimed at increasing sales and customers loyalty. At the moment, according to information on the official website getgist-com, this software is used by more than 12,000 companies, and the number of clients is growing steadily. The Gist product is primarily targeted at marketing agencies, SaaS, online stores, blogs and publishers.

Gist offers several paid plans. You can pay for them using your credit card. There is also a free tariff plan with limited functionality, which can be used without time restrictions.


Gist is a platform that is positioned in a fairly competitive niche. At the same time, the company manages to find its special client. The key feature of Gist is that the platform contains all the tools necessary to organize full-fledged marketing campaigns in one interface. Gist is based on its own CRM with an incredible amount of integrations. These extensions can significantly accelerate the growth of the client base, increase the average check, optimize customer service algorithms and process large amounts of statistical data.

The basic list of Gist features includes:

  1. Convenient channels for communicating with customers;
  2. Business meeting calendar;
  3. Instant response system;
  4. Organization of targeted commercial mailing;
  5. Marketing activities automation;
  6. Integration of hundreds of popular third-party services;
  7. Team communication in group chats.

The creators of Gist relied on communications. Developers offer a unified interface for the entire team, through which you can schedule tasks, communicate with the target audience and automate business processes. Gist users do not need to switch between email marketing services, social networks and instant messengers. Moreover, different departments of the corporation can conveniently interact through the Gist ecosystem and form horizontal relations.

When it comes to customer interactions, the Gist offers a lot of know-hows. You can use convenient forms to attract subscribers, use smart chatbots to “warm up” customers, and schedule appointments right from the planner. You have the opportunity to significantly increase traffic to your resource through customer retention using powerful marketing campaigns. For these purposes, there is an advertising mailing list with the customize letters option, marketing automation system and tracking tools.

The Gist pays special attention to user support. Even if you don’t have the slightest experience with email marketing and CRM, you can easily master the basics by contacting support. At the moment, you can do this through a live chat, where a competent support will help you solve the problem that has arisen. Platform creators say that the support satisfaction rating on Gist is one of the highest in the industry and reaches 97%. An alternative way to solve emerging problems is a knowledge base, which is also quite extensive here.


High integration with third-party services is one of the key advantages of the getgist-com project. Among the most popular services that can be connected to the platform are the following:

  • The system lets you link Gist data with other services.
  • The plugin installed on the blog transfers data from the site directly to the Gist.
  • This integration provides a complete customer data infrastructure.
  • The integrated plugin lets you monitor information about website visitors and automate Gist working scenarios.
  • Facebook Custom Audiences. A tool for moving people to Facebook custom audiences and linking to the Gist system.
  • Opens up the opportunity for detailed transactions, unpaid invoices and other payment processes analysing.
  • Google Calendar. Keeps your calendar in sync with business appointments on the Gist.
  • Automatically adds Zoom meetings links to the calendar when a client makes a booking.
  • Combines all communication in the most popular social network into a single Gist interface.
  • Centralizes Twitter communication directly into the Gist interface and automates responses.
  • Automates most of the routine processes by transferring and converting data from third-party applications.

This is just a small list of the main integrations available to Gist users. All available extensions can be found in the corresponding section of the official website.

Tariff plans

The company offers 1 free and 2 paid tariff plans. The terms are presented below.


  • Price: $ 0 per month;
  • 200 contacts and 2 admin accounts;
  • Free Gist support;
  • Live chat;
  • Incoming team messages;
  • Unlimited conversation history;
  • Internet, email and push notifications;
  • Greeting letters;
  • Saved Answers;
  • Setting hours of work;
  • Appointments and calendar integration;
  • Mobile applications (iOS, Android);
  • Gist Marketing suite;
  • Contact management;
  • Website and event tracking;
  • Contacts segments and tags;
  • Registration forms and pop-ups;
  • Advertising mailing by email;
  • Email personalization;
  • Basic letter templates.


  • Price: $ 48 per month;
  • 1000 contacts and 5 admin accounts;
  • All functions of the Free plan;
  • Professional support;
  • Unified email for incoming messages;
  • Integration with Facebook and Twitter;
  • Public knowledge base;
  • Articles in conversations;
  • Automatic chat triggers;
  • Leading qualifying bot;
  • Chat transcripts;
  • Satisfaction ratings;
  • Integration with Zapier;
  • Gist Marketing Professional suite;
  • Triggered emails;
  • Drop campaigns;
  • One-step automation;
  • Responsive email templates;
  • Conditional content;
  • Custom domains;
  • Re-sending emails if ignored.


  • Price: from $ 128 per month;
  • 1000 contacts and unlimited admin accounts;
  • All functions of the Professional plan;
  • Premium Gist support;
  • Custom chat bots;
  • Live stream;
  • Automatic scheduling of meetings;
  • Broadcast chat messages;
  • Automatic assignment rules;
  • Real-time messages monitoring;
  • Round robin assignment;
  • Team performance reports;
  • Conversation number report;
  • Integration with Salesforce;
  • Integration with third-party messengers;
  • Gist Marketing Premium suite;
  • Multi-stage visual automation constructor;
  • All ready-made templates;
  • Automatic events tracking;
  • Facebook/Instagram ads;
  • Integration of e-commerce;
  • Abandoned carts tracking;
  • Smart send times;
  • Email delivery windows;
  • Dedicated IP;
  • Email statistics and reports.


Gist is a service that can be used to combine the capabilities of hundreds of third-party marketing tools. Due to its high integrative ability, this platform is in demand among corporate clients. If you want to streamline all business processes and combine them in one interface, providing your team with the most friendly ecosystem to work with, then you will appreciate the benefits of getgist-com.

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