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GigeNET is United States-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Dedicated Server, Cloud Hosting. Their servers are placed in next locations: Chicago, Los Angeles, Ashburn. 100% of user reviews who used GigeNET are positive.

Our Dedicated Server Hosting, Colocation and Cloud Services At A Glance

Automated DDoS Protection
Concerned about the potential of your server experiencing a DDoS attack? GigeNET, a pioneer and leader in DDoS protection, now offers a new service designed not just to protect your website, but your IP addresses.

Managed Dedicated Servers
GigeNET offers four distinctly different managed service level plans to our Dedicated Hosting and Cloud Hosting clients. Set up for any budget, you are guaranteed at least our Express level of Support Services.

Protect your dedicated server(s) from DDoS without moving to a new host. Did you know DDoS attacks aimed at shutting down websites replaced property theft as the costliest computer crime?

Cloud Servers
Providing you with the tools and support that you need to offload your IT needs and focus on growing your business.

Infrastructure Services
Offering data backup services, SAN/NAS storage services, IP Transport, and more! GigeNET has the tools and resources you need to build your infrastructure.

GigeNET’s secure chicago colocation facility was designed to provide the power, cooling, and bandwidth infrastructure for your high-density hosting requirements.

DDoS Protected Dedicated Servers
GigeNET’s network is 100% fully secured against DDoS attacks.
Our network was designed to protect and isolate your assets from being affected by attack regardless of who that attack was directed at.

Our network protection is 100% automated and happens with in milliseconds of an attack being received. No other hosting company provides intelligent network protection like GigeNET does.

SERVER LOCATIONS: Chicago, Los Angeles, Ashburn

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