GigaSwap price – decentralized application, tokens and NFT swapping


GigaSwap service was created as decentralized app for secure assets swapping – tokens and NFT’s through any Blockchain (Binance, Avalanche or Ethereum) over-the-counter. Two sides are involved without further 3rd party intervention. Gigaswap price started from $0.000058 according to market cap. Learn about the fresh token, launched in August 2022.

GigaSwap crypto in OTC trade system

Over-the-counter – deal-making agreement, that provides more transparent politics of the crypto exchanging, It’s less complicated than regular process. OTC is the powerful solution in crypto world. Each trade is performed by 2 owners of GigaSwap crypto, and their deal will not be monitored or interrupted by 3rd party members. Exchange market price has not direct affect to any trades from both sides.

Each asset may be paired with any number of other available ones. For example, you can pair NFT to ERC-20. The formula of such kind of OTC pairing is dynamic: x * y * = k. Such trading, through OTC pair is absolutely tax-free.

GIGA Token Solution

GigaSwap was introduced as an exchanger for NFTs or tokens between 2 independent members. All transfers are completed without 3rd party participation. The main goal of GIGA token is to provide safe and secured swapping for 2 unaffiliated users through any chain like Ethereum or Binance. OTC excludes any risk probability for both participants, because each trader can control the process.

V1 Roadmap

  1. Successful audit passing
  2. Finishing the OTC pairing formula
  3. Setting up NFT trading
  4. DAPP innovations, uniting the chat system with wallet
  5. Integration of $GIGA into DAPP
  6. OTC charting System
  7. ICP to DAPP Integration
  8. Chain integrations outside the Ethereum Virtual Machine
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