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Giant Squids is “Investment method being a mega hit in China and Korea”.

❖ Initial characters(squids) are issued by the company (issue a smaill quantity)
❖ Characters purchased by a member are sold to other members with 18% interest after 3 days.
❖ After the initial issuance by company, character sales are made between members, and the company relays character sales between members
and receives a commission upon purchase.

Referral Commission: Up to 34% of the referrer’s purchase fee is available for the 1st generation to the 3rd

Payment systems: Tether (USDT)

GIANT SQUID is opened now!

Open date: 2021.02.15

User Guide:

1. Deposit USDT to the wallet in the service
2. Matching application is possible as much as the USDT held in the wallet
3. Buy matched squids
4. Automatic sale of squid + 18% held after 3 days
5. Profit realization (real-time withdrawal available)

Please refer to the service usage.

>Matching Rate: 50~60%
>Yield: 18% on 3 days (including commission)
>Purchase fee: 3%

>Referral revenue
1Lv : 10%
2 Lv : 5%
3 Lv : 3%
4 ~ 10Lv : 1%

As a large number of users flow in, a user guide has been uploaded for the convenience of users.
If you are not familiar with how to use, please check the post and use the service conveniently according to the guide.

*Official Medium Link ->
*User’s Manual Link ->
*Official Telegram ->

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    Fast paid! Super!
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  2. sunchip says:

    awsome!!!What a perfect system.

  3. gkxovnd says:

    Let’s go global P2P fighting!

  4. psw says:

    safe transaction and high interest. I recommend GiantSquid

  5. Jonh bebe says:

    So great! Let’s go GS

  6. mum says:

    It’s really convenient to pay with usdt! Now I can get money tomorrow, and I’m so excited.

  7. furnutton says:

    fast paid with high interest.
    Easy withdraw

  8. BitMoneyTalk says:

    Super! Fast paid!
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