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GenesisTrend is a highly profitable investment ecosystem managed by experienced traders. The main specialization of the Genesis Trend team is short-term and long-term cryptocurrency trading. The company’s trading strategy is described on the official website as a set of balanced short and long trading positions.

Company targets a wide range of investors and officially registered in the British jurisdiction under the number 12558749. This status let the company carry out secure international transactions.

How does the team work?

Genesis Trend generates a high percentage of profits. Experienced traders analyze price charts and technical indicators 24/7 to find effective entry and exit points.


* Transparent investment proposals. The company wants to be as open as possible to all investors.
* Flexible trading strategies. The company has relied on experienced professionals to provide them with unique analytical tools.
* High daily percentage. The project offers safe investment cases with a daily profit of 1% and higher.

Investor Offers

  1. Up to 120% after 1 day
  2. Up to 250% after 5 days
  3. Up to 500% after 15 days
  4. Up to 1000% after 30 days

VIP investment plans include two offers:

* 500% after 1 week with a minimum deposit of $ 20,000
* 1000% after 3 weeks with a minimum deposit of $ 10,000

Affiliate program

Depending on the investment plan you choose, GenesisTrend offers a referral bonus of 1% to 8% for standard deposits and a stable 10% for both VIP deposits. At the same time, you are guaranteed to get a referral bonus even without investing any funds, referring new members through your unique referral link.


Genesis Trend is committed to protecting customers’ wallets and personal data. Therefore, is hosted on a secure dedicated server. The system is protected from DDoS, hacks and cyber attacks. In this case, all data is encrypted and anonymized with SSL.

How to start?

To become a member of the investment program:
* Sign up for the official website;
* Make a deposit and choose a suitable investment plan;
* Get your money according to the chosen plan;
* Withdraw the funds to an external wallet;
* Reinvest in project.

Remember: always invest the amount, the loss of which will not damage your financial stability.

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