Garmin Could be Penalized if it Pays Ransom to Evil Corp

Garmin is said to have been assaulted by the head of the ransomware gang known as Evil Corp.

Since Evil Corp struck Garmin, a multinational technology company based in America with a ransomware, it hasn’t been functioning at its best. Evil Corp is a group of cybercrimianls based in Russia. The group has demanded Garmin to pay cryptocurrency as a ransom and that it should be an equivalent of $10 million.

Bleeping Computer said someone from Garmin reported to it that some key sections of the company haven’t been working well since it was attacked with the WastedLocker ransomware. These sections include the customer service department and navigations solutions.

The head of Evil Corp is said to be Maksim Yakubets. He is well known in the U.S. and has been booked by the U.S. Department of Justice in 2019. He is also one of the “Most Wanted” individuals by the FBI. The FBI promised to give a prize of $5 million to anyone who could help in his arrest.

The U.S. Sanctioned Evil Corp last year

Garmin will be in serious trouble with the U.S. government if it pays the ransom because the group was sanctioned by the U.S. last year.

Brett Callow of Emsisoft malware lab said something about the problem Garmin is facing right now:

“This would seem to create a legal minefield. Payment may be the only way for a company to avoid a catastrophic loss of data, but it may be illegal for the company to make that payment.”

The FBI wants Yakubets, who is nicknamed “Aqua”, for his role in attacking over ten thousand computers in North America and Europe with malware. It was so painful because the attacks caused damages worth about $100 million.

The Russian government may have used them

The U.S. government also believes that the government of Russia used Yakubets and his colleague, Igor Tursashev, to provide information to the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB).

Presently, the two are yet to be found though they are suspected to have fled to Moscow.

It was Fox-IT cybersecurity team that revealed the WastedLocker ransomware was a product from Evil Corp. WastedLocker has been a useful tool in the hands of Evil Corp since May 2020.

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