Fusebox Podcast Player review, fusebox-fm advantages and disadvantages

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Fusebox Podcast Player (FPP) is a unique software because it was not created by theoretical programmers, but by professional podcasters Pat Flynn and Matthew Gartland, who were looking for the most convenient tool for creativity. This development is a multifunctional podcast management plugin you can publish podcast episodes and other audio files on your WordPress with. The platform was designed to provide maximum comfort during work. Judging by the reviews, the developers have succeeded.

Despite the large selection of WordPress plugins, FPP stands out due to its huge selection of settings, usability and focus on conversion. This is almost the only plugin on the market that lets you capture email addresses of visitors and listeners.

Fusebox-fm is offered in both the Free and the Pro version. You can pay for the Pro suite by credit card or PayPal.


Fusebox Podcast Player was created with the direct participation of practicing creators. As a result, we got a truly convenient and functional software solution. Below you can familiarize yourself with the key features of this product.

Email capturing tool

With this feature each creator can embed the registration form in the Podcast Player without a third party plugin. The player has a separate email subscription button. The system integrates with all popular email marketing services, including MailChimp, Aweber and others. The tool lets you quickly and efficiently generate leads by filling your subscriber base.

Smart track player

The Smart Track Player option lets you create a player with your favorite single episode inside. This is relevant for those creators who want to place a specific episode of the show on a specific webpage. A user gets access to shortcodes right in the WordPress editor interface.

FPP developers have offered podcasters a completely customizable player that can be adapted to their needs and aesthetic preferences. The player supports:

  1. description editing;
  2. searching;
  3. tags;
  4. lists of previously published podcasts;
  5. sorting options;
  6. playback speed;
  7. editing the logo area;
  8. switching between podcasts.

You can completely change the look of the standard player, making it an authentic brand carrier of your channel. Player 2.0 in the demo version is available on the plugin’s official website fusebox.fm.

Customizable buttons

A creator can place a podcast download button or a social sharing button right in the player. Also you can customize the appearance of the buttons. If the content is published on third-party services such as SoundCloud or Google Play, then the buttons for subscribing to these networks can also be placed right in the player. The choice of networks available for integration is quite extensive.

Cross-platform interface

FPP is adapted to work on different devices and operating systems. It changes its size and visual parameters depending on the display size. This makes it a universal solution for users of mobile and stationary devices based on Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android and other operating systems.

Shortcode elements

The FPP plugin offers a set of WordPress shortcodes for displaying the player and customizing its design. By adding elements to the main shortcode, you can set a download button, activate an RSS feed subscription, edit tags, change descriptions, choose a color scheme, and more. The shortcode button appears in the WordPress editor immediately after installing the plugin.

Fast downloading

FPP differs from competitors in that it always works stably and quickly. The download time for audio content published using this podcast management system is minimal. At the same time, CSS is very light, despite its wide functionality. So a user does not have to languish while waiting for the content to download.

In general, Fusebox-fm is able to please with an extensive set of features that will provide the highest quality and ensure effective monetization.


Fusebox offers 1 free and 1 paid plan. The terms are presented below.

Fusebox Free

  • Up to 10.000 views per month;
  • Up to 3 free shows per channel;
  • Player for 1 track;
  • Setting up a brand color;
  • Limited color scheme settings;
  • Call to action;
  • Subscription links;
  • Transcript WP plugin with manual uploading.

Fusebox Pro

  • Price: $ 19 per month;
  • Up to 100.000 views per month;
  • Unlimited professional players (pay per show) for easy administration;
  • Archive a player with a playlist;
  • Full page archive player;
  • Sticky player;
  • Transcript plugin with integration support for Temi and Rev;
  • Webinar training system;
  • Email support;
  • Setting up a brand color;
  • Full color scheme settings;
  • Call to action;
  • Subscription links;
  • Download button;
  • Fully customizable buttons (including show / hide);
  • Turn on/off podcast cover;
  • Custom podcast cover link;
  • Archiving playlist and selected episodes;
  • Enable/Disable “Powered by Fusebox”.

When paying annually, a user gets 2 months of free use. The platform also provides a 60-day money-back guarantee. So you have enough time to appreciate the benefits of the service.


In addition to the advantages described above, a serious positive thing is the support service, ready to quickly solve any problem and answer any question in the email correspondence mode. The website also has a full-fledged support center with detailed documentation on working with the product. As practice shows, the support of the motherboard SPI software laboratories responds quickly, despite the absence of a chat.

The system is easy to set up. The intuitive interface lets you quickly select a design for your player. Overall, the Fusebox-fm podcast Player is a decent and relatively inexpensive offering on the market. The combination of simplicity and power will delight professional and novice podcasters.

In conclusion, an obvious plus of FPP for beginners is the 60-day money back. You can get started by purchasing a 30-day subscription. During this period, you will be able to finally understand whether the platform suits you or not.

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