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FullSpace is Russia-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Shared Hosting, SSL. Their servers are placed in Moscow.

Hosting provider FullSpace provides virtual hosting services as well as domain name registration . When creating a hosting platform, we use professional equipment, choose reliable partners and state -of-the- art technologies. All this, as well as qualified personnel, enables us to offer quality hosting for our clients’ sites.

Quality hosting PHP 7.3 (and other versions).

Unlike most hosting providers, FullSpace supports all current PHP versions at the same time – 7.3, 5.6 . Each PHP handler is installed as an Apache module to provide superior performance and security when compared to platforms where one or more PHP runs as a CGI application. Switching between versions is performed instantly in the Personal Account (section “Domains”).

In addition, FullSpace hosting supports the following features for PHP and more :

-free test period for 7 days;
-APC to speed up websites;
-Fast and reliable disk arrays on SSD-drives ;
-database servers MariaDB 10.1 (MySQL) and PostgreSQL 9.4 ;
-SSL protected mail pop3, imap, smtp;
-support for languages ​​and technologies python 2.7 , Django, perl 5, Rewrite;
-unlimited number of subdomains;
-backing up site content;
-Convenient Personal Account of its own development for managing multiple hosting accounts and participating in an affiliate program ;
-editable .htaccess for site customization;
-DNS management for domains;
-free traffic;
-running programs on a Cron schedule;
-automatic installation of CMS in the Personal Account;


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