FSD Project: Sports Financial Perspective


The FSD project was created to combine digital assets in sports. This global market aims to unite athletes with their fans, who can become investors. The platform offers a chart of Finance Sports price against the dollar. Users are provided with unique financial instruments, the issue of tokens on the blockchain.

FSD fsd-finance crypto

FSD platform.finance crypto creates unique conditions for the development of crowdfunding. It is based on the blockchain. For crowdfunding companies, the possibility of mentioning from in FSD tokens in case of placement on the platform is presented. When a decentralized system of financing sports events offers paid services to athletes and all persons related to the field of sports, tokens can be used to pay for the services provided.

If we consider technical issues, the FSD token is characterized by compatibility with BEP20. The registration of the token has already taken place on many priority cryptocurrency exchanges .

FSD token: the scheme of its operation

FSD token functions:

1. Statistical. The amount of remuneration depends on the volume of token sales.

2. Manual burning. The ability to update the database of achievements and control over the burning of tokens.

3. Liquidity Pool (LP). Productivity and benefits for users are formed as a result of the fact that the project has operational functions. First, there is a focus on getting tokens from users, and then adding them in order to form price stability.

A feature of this token is a single tax rate for both sellers and buyers. Its indicator is 10%. Each transaction brings a commission profit of 5%. Experts believe that it is very promising to join the FSD project. This is a great financial direction for everyone who loves sports.

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