Freshsales feature-rich CRM review, freshworks-com advantages and disadvantages

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Freshsales is the official CRM developed by freshworks-com platform. The main goal of creating this software product is to optimize work with leads. The system has all the necessary tools for increasing the involvement of potential customers, tracking the dynamics of transactions and complex work with the target audience. With its help, you can manage huge customer databases, automating routine processes and analyzing customer reactions to certain marketing decisions. Freshsales is a comprehensive software product that organically combines powerful analytical tools, rich functionality and a user-friendly interface.

Freshsales CRM platform positions itself as an international system. Its  interface has been translated into all popular European and Asian languages, including German, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Chinese and Japanese. But most of the users of this product are companies from the United States.

Today Freshsales CRM platform provides 4 paid tariff plans. You can pay by credit card or PayPal. When paying for a year, it is possible to conduct a transaction by bank transfer. Residents of the United States and Canada can also pay by check.

For any paid service a 21-day test period is provided. During this time you can test all CRM functions and make the final purchase decision.

Platform features

Freshsales is a feature-rich CRM that offers a wide range of built-in customer communication channels. This includes Email, Chat, and Telephony, all of which you can use to attract new customers and make re-conversions. The presence of several communication channels makes it possible to offer the target audience a choice of the most convenient communication format. This ensures the high marketing potential of Freshsales.

An important point is that the system provides valuable data on customer experience. Tracking behavior and engagement levels enables a company to better understand its customer. Based on the data collected about the client, personalized marketing content is formed, which is sent to the user via the optimal communication channel. The system provides all information about the client’s reaction, which makes it possible to timely change tactics and strategy. In real time, you can track all clicks, responses and other behavioral patterns of your target audience.

Among the key functional features of freshworks-com, it is worth noting the following:

  1. Deep personalization of templates;
  2. Calendar scheduling and synchronization;
  3. Automatic logs and call recording with history saving;
  4. Target audience activity graph;
  5. Wide opportunities for audience segmentation;
  6. Role-based access for admin accounts;
  7. Mass actions;
  8. Setting up the sales algorithm;
  9. Analysis of transactions and visual reports;
  10. Integration with Insightly, Zoho, Quickbooks, Pipedrive, Salesforce and more.

Convenient tracking of the dynamics of transactions is provided by the official application for Google Chrome with integration into Gmail. You get all the basic information from CRM right into your browser using this app.


Freshsales CRM platform offers 4 tariff plans with the following terms.

Blossom ($ 19 per month)

  • Price if paid per year: 12 USD per month;
  • Leads, contacts, accounts and deal management;
  • Two-way email synchronization;
  • Visual sales funnel;
  • Lead evaluation;
  • SMS integration;
  • Telephony based on Freshcaller;
  • Freshworks integrations;
  • Application store;
  • API access.

Garden (35 USD per month)

  • Price if paid for the year: 25 USD per month;
  • All the features of the Blossom plan;
  • Different sales funnels;
  • 250 emails per user per day;
  • 10 workflow automations;
  • 5 sales campaigns per user;
  • 10 teams;
  • Smart matches;
  • Assigning territories and leads;
  • Own roles;
  • Advanced reports.

Estate (65 USD per month)

  • Price if paid per year: 49 USD per month;
  • All Garden plan options;
  • Extended lead evaluation;
  • 1000 emails per user per day;
  • 25 workflow automation;
  • 10 sales campaigns per user;
  • 25 teams;
  • Advanced CRM customization;
  • Report panel;
  • Autocomplete profiles;
  • Different currencies;
  • Smart forms and event monitoring;
  • Sales goals.

Forest (79 USD per month)

  • All options of the Estate plan;
  • 5000 emails per user per day;
  • 100 workflow automations;
  • 25 sales campaigns per user;
  • 50 teams;
  • Data center in the European economic zone;
  • Audit logs;
  • IP whitelisting;
  • Own account manager.

A free plan for startups is also available to users and includes options such as:

  • Lead management;
  • Contact management;
  • Deals management;
  • Setting up admin accounts;
  • Email communication;
  • Built-in telephony;
  • Third party integrations;
  • Mobile applications;
  • Unlimited users;
  • Unlimited contacts.

All tariff plans provide customers with 24/7 support by phone or Email. If you have any questions related to working in CRM, you can always contact the platform specialists.


Freshsales is a reliable CRM system with a high level of data security. Platform servers are located in modern data centers with 24/7 monitoring, which guarantees system stability and timely response to any threats. Each client can be 100% sure that the data on leads and customer bases are completely safe, and third parties have no chances to access them. This is especially important for corporate users.

At the same time, the freshworks-com CRM product itself will delight you not only with a high level of security, but also with an unprecedentedly large set of useful functions, which lets you implement marketing campaigns of any complexity. The thoughtful minimalistic CRM interface and advanced reporting system will not leave you indifferent. In general, the software product will pleasantly surprise you with its relatively unlimited possibilities for working with customer lists.

On the official website there is an extensive knowledge base that will help you understand all the intricacies of using these tools. If you cannot find an answer to your question, you can always contact the support service, and experienced staff will provide comprehensive assistance.

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