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FRED Energy aims to promote and facilitate greater adoption and generation of alternative energy by consumers and Fund Research into Energy Devices (FRED) Rising energy costs, fuel poverty and access to support and funding for energy device innovators are some of the problems FRED Energy aims to solve.

Token Info
Token FRED Energy / FRED
Platform Stellar
Type Custom
Tokens for Sale 460,560,000
Investment Info
Price in ICO 0.0050 USD
Distributed in ICO 57%
Raised unknown

Timeline / Roadmap

Q3 2018

Our first cryptocurrency FREDEnergy (FRED) was forked from the highly developed TurtleCoin using CryptoNote technology at its core. FREDEnergy coin (FRED) will be swapped in Q3 2019 for our new custom token on the Stellar blockchain which has the same name and ticker FRED.

Q2 2019

Token Sale exchanges to be announced. The old FREDEnergy blockchain has been made redundant and old coins removed from trading in preparation for the swap to the new token.

Q3 2019

First token sales go live with further IEO's to be announced. Company formations and legal requirements completed. Coin swap complete

Q4 2019

Markeplace vendor partnerships established Continue development of FRED Energy prototype solar device

Q1 2020

Our online alternative energy marketplace will go live Review innovator partnerships and provide funding for development and patents.

Q2 2020

Bring FRED Energy solar powered device to market Full project review

Q4 2020

Continue development of marketplace and expand vendor partnerships Further development of energy generation devices

Team Members

Team Members
Michael Josefsen
Team Members
Philipe Delvigne
Creative Director & Community Manager
Team Members
Daryl Naidoo
Renewable Energy Consultant and Advisor
Team Members
Armand Pers
Project manager

About FRED Energy

Rising energy costs, fuel poverty and access to support and funding for energy device innovators are some of the problems FRED Energy aims to solve.

Today we are seeing a massive shift by car manufacturers and oil giants towards electric vehicles (EV’s) and the pace at which driving an EV will be the standard is accelerating rapidly. The social and economic change that mass adoption of EV’s alone will be great, electricity is today and will continue to be the dominant energy requirement for consumers. Whilst the EV revolution will play a significant part in future energy requirements in developed nations, emerging economies, population growth and increases in electrical appliance and device usage are also contributors to future forecasts of a 30% global demand increase by 2040.

This is where we looked towards the bigger picture and envisaged the solution to our future energy needs lies in new methods of energy generation, educating consumers in energy efficiency and bringing energy generation down to the consumer level. The theory is to break the current cycle by encouraging consumers where possible to reduce their energy costs by generating their own electricity and become more energy efficient, this in turn will help to stabilise costs, providing more affordable energy and energy security for all.

We believe diversification will be the key to our success and have several projects that are achievable with a relatively low funding requirement, these are;

Project Energise will focus on Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations. The EV charging station market is currently emerging across the world and while the large corporates invest in main infrastructures, there is a need for smaller independents to fulfil niche segments.

Development of a marketplace for all thing’s alternative energy. Initially featuring our partners products, it will eventually include home and commercial EV chargers, solar panel systems, electric vehicles, consumer wind turbines and other related gadgets with payment options to include FRED Energy tokens and other cryptocurrencies along-side traditional methods. It will also feature innovator’s products and provide a platform for collaboration on new methods of energy reduction and generation.

Funding Research into Energy Devices (FRED), many of the world’s greatest inventions have been made by people with little scientific expertise but developed their inventions through trial and error. Today, there are engineers, scientists and hobbyist inventors developing technologies that will one day change the way we generate, consume and store energy. 

The greatest problem many of them face is the lack of resources or funds to fully realise their inventions and get them to market. Our aim is to collaborate with these technology developers and create partnerships by providing funding for projects that could change the energy system we know today. We are already in discussions regarding several innovations and patents that aim to maximise energy production and storage.