You can expect to e...

You can expect to earn $3,000/month through a “Niche Website”  

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This is the easiest method I know which is the safest too.

It has some details also and I try to answer them with a question/answer mode. But it is still NOT complex like other models.

Even in the worst-case scenario, you mostly stay in the PROFIT.

The only kind of investment it demands is your “time”. You only have to get a domain and hosting and start working.

Let me answer some important questions related to this business model.

Question #1: How Much You Can Earn?

$3,000/month, and this is the average amount. You can cross $7,000/month mark too and I have done that. The minimum amount I have earned is $1.2K/month.

But I don’t keep niche website in my arsenal if they aren’t crossing at least $2,000 per month mark. I only invest my time on the winning niche websites.

Question #2: How Many Articles Do You Need To Publish?

100 Articles. This is my first goal. Publish 100 articles in a super-targeted niche and you can expect to earn $3,000 per month after 6–8 months. This is the average time Google takes to rank your articles - don’t trust me and check that on Google.

I try to publish all 100 articles within 3–4 months and wait for my website to earn on its own. Once it starts earning, I publish one article each week to keep it updated.

Question #3: What If You Don’t Earn $3,000/month?

Let’s think about the worst-case scenario.

Let’s say you earn $100 only after 6–8 months or a year. You can still sell your website on Flippa for $2,400. People love to buy websites that earn (even if it is $10/month). You can check that on Flippa and check the biddings with your own eyes.

If you aren’t a good writer and suppose invest $1,000 on content, you are still in $1,400 profit. The rule is to multiply your monthly income with 24.

Question #4: Can You Earn Without SELLING Anything?

Yes, this is the beauty of this model and that’s why I love it the most.

Not just me, many other professionals love this model.

YouTubers are the best example.

Aim for 100,000 views per month. This is very much possible with 100 articles in a super-targeted niche. You can expect to earn $400/month through ads without selling anything.

Now let’s say you earn $400/month (without selling anything), you can still sell your website for $10,000. Don’t trust me and check that on Flippa.

Question #5: How To Choose A Niche?

Target the “HOBBY”, not product.

When you target a hobby, you can answer very specific questions which your competitor are missing and establish yourself as an expert. I publish 20 pillar posts, 20 product reviews, and 60 answers for specific questions.

These super-targeted answers not only make me expert among others but also attract a huge amount of traffic each month.

Because there is often NO competition.

My competitors are often writing pillar posts or product reviews, but not answering specific questions which people have in mind.

Question #6: What’s The Difference Between A Niche & Market?

Sadly, I see most people in the market, not niches.

That’s why they aren’t successful in this game.

  • Fishing is NOT a niche, Fishing Cannon is.
  • Survival is NOT a niche, the anti-radiation suit is.
  • Birding is NOT a niche, Falconry is.
  • Adventure is NOT a niche, Spelunking (exploration of caves) is.

Make sure you in the nice, not in the market.

Question #7: Is There Any Niche You Should Avoid?

I avoid health-related niches.

This is because Google has started giving value to established websites with expert opinions and published studies. It is very hard to beat them. They have covered almost all the topics in this category.

Check any health-related niche, and you will see the same established websites again and again. If somehow you manage to find a niche in health, it is still very hard to rank your articles as this category demands expert opinion.

Question #8: What’s The Right Length of An Article?

If you are answering a question in your niche, go for 1500+ words. If it is a pillar post, 4000+ words are good. Product reviews should have 1500+ words also.

Question #9: What About SEO Services or Social Media?

I DON’T DO SEO or hire any SEO services.

The article length is enough in a super-targeted niche. It ranks on its own as there is very low competition. That’s why I won’t recommend hiring any SEO service or spending your money on anything that promises to rank your website quickly.

Let Google do its own work.

I don’t waste my time on social media too - not even 1 second. My main aim is to earn passive income. Social media demands proper attention. I can’t spend my time on it. Instead, I publish valuable articles and they get traffic on their own.

Question #10: What Is My Income?

I am crossing $16,000/month now with 10 niche websites.

Four websites are new and I’m expecting to cross $20,000/month in 1–2 months.

I am also testing my luck in CPA Marketing but it is for another time. I won’t recommend CPA for any beginner as it demands investment. You need to have some money which you can spend on ads and test your campaigns.

That’s why, for a beginner, a niche website can be the easiest to make money online.


I hope this guide will help you.

There is no need to trust me.

Check everything on examples. For example, you can check on Google how many months it takes to rank your articles in the search engines or see some successful niche website examples on Flippa with biddings.

Let me know if you have any other questions.