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My Bitcoin Daily was created to give quality advertising at an amazingly affordable price while rewarding their members every day. 
Costing only 0.0009344 BTC for 1 subscription that renews daily, giving you 365 days of active positions, you will receive 100 banner credits and 50 text credits each day.
Their system is simple and effective. Purchase a daily subscription for 0.0009344 BTC.
When you purchase your first active matrix position will fall under your sponsor.
Each day when your subscription renews, that position will fall under your very TOP position. The site is from proven owner of crypto-pros.

-Daily Subscription Grow You Matrix Daily

Each subscription purchased will give you 1 new position each day for 365 days. Each new position daily follows your TOP position.

-Daily Referral Bonus Earn Bitcoin Daily.

Earn 0.0000002 BTC for each direct referral who upgrades. You will earn this 365 days continously, after they upgrade.

-100 % Matching Bonus Earn What Your Referrals Earn.

Want to maximized your income? Earn 100% of what your referrals earn in their matrix.

-2x20 Matrix You Only Need Two.

MBD operates on a 2x20 matrix. With each new referral giving you 365 positions falling under your matrix, your 2x20 can fill quickly.


Quick Start Guide

  1. Click Deposit link to deposit your funds via BTC  LTC or ETH.
  2. Click Purchase Subscription to purchase your 365 day position..
  3. Click Matrix Positions link to view the stats of each position.
  4. Click Stats to see your direct referral and matrix stats.
  5. Click Promotional Center and here you will find the ads and banners that you can use for promoting
  6. Click Downline Details  to view you referrals and to PIF personal Referrals.
  7. Click Global PIF to see if there are any referrals available for PIF from other members.
  8. Click Banner Advertisement to submit/update your Banner Ad that you want to be rotated throughout our website.
  9. Click Text Ad Advertisement to submit/update your Text Ad that you want to be rotated throughout our website.
  10. Click the Commission Transactions linto see your daily commission transactions..
  11. Click the Profile link to update your profile and/or password.
  12. Click the Submit Testimonials link to submit your valuable testimonials.
  13. You may purchase as many daily subscriptions as you like. Each additional position will be placed under your TOP position.




sponsor username: myreferralback

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