30ROI | 15% AFTER 2...

30ROI | 15% AFTER 24 HOURS  

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A new investment platform proposed by https://hashtrust.io?mref=502
[quote]This is not a ponzi, it’s cash distribution and a lending platform, when you deposit older members will get 15% on their deposits as profit, and when 30 hours is done you will earn 15% on top of your deposit as a reward for lending your money, this project can stay online forever and wont shut down like ponzis do.[/quote]
Online: 2020-02-05
Plans: 15% after 24 hours
Min/Max deposit: 10 - 1000 RUB
Payout: Automatic
Accepts: Payeer
Referral: 10%
How to invest:
1- You need first to have Payeer wallet.
2- If you don't have Ruble coins (RUB) please deposit in your payeer bitcoin or litecoin or any coin and exchange it to Ruble coin so you can invest here.
3- Create an account on this website using your Payeer wallet ID and choose any password.
4- Write the amount you want to deposit from 10 to 1000 and click deposit.
5- Pay using your Payeer wallet.
6- Wait 24 hours and get profit back automatically in your wallet, or deposit more.
Can I have multiple deposits:
Yes you can have any amount of deposits.


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