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Triviata - Earn up to $3000 from completing tasks!  

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Triviata - Rules and Information

To earn money you have to do tasks​. Install Triviata, then choose from the Offer Wall by clicking Earn Now. Tasks include: install other games, reach levels in games, surveys, and watch video ads. If you don’t like doing tasks, this challenge is not for you. Earn Crystals in- game and redeem them in VRA, our cryptocurrency which can be converted to BTC or ETH.


Rules on how to join the Bounty

Only bounties from these countries allowed​: Austria, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Portugal, Qatar, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, UAE, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States.

1. Go to the Android Play Market and ​install Triviata​ on your phone​. (IOS is coming soon).

2. On Android: After Install, register and ​activate your bounty code

3. Go to the user profile > tap 5 times on your avatar > enter the bounty code in the popup which you received from your bounty manager.

4. If you did not receive a bounty code use: ​2J2XB

5. Check that the Bounty Program is enabled under your username in the app.

6. Rate the app now. ​Do not comment about bounties, tokens or airdrops!​ (No reward)

7. Follow them on Twitter: , ,

8. Tasks: Open and Play at least one game of Triviata ​every ​ day for 90 days. Click Earn Now button in the Main screen to complete ​as many ​ offers on the Offer Wall as you can in 90 days. The other tasks include: install other games, reach levels in games, surveys, and watch video ads.​ If you earn 25M or more Crystals at the end of 90 days, you will receive an additional reward of 3x your Crystals! To see how much you can earn see below ‘How to Make More than 3x’.

9. You may uninstall third party apps you installed after 48 hours so you never have more than 3 apps installed at a time.

10.The more crystals you have on your balance at the end of 90 days, the more you can multiply your crystal balance by 3x VRA but you must earn 25m or more crystals!

11.To convert Crystals to VRA, go to the website:​.Login with EXACTLY the same credentials you logged into the game and make sure you activated the bounty code in the app. ​You cannot login to until you first activate your bounty code.


Report any bugs to: ​[email protected]

Any and All Questions: go to the Telegram Group:​ ​Verasity Mobile​ (official group). ​If you go to the main Verasity Telegram Group you will be banned!

Triviata Guide:​

Bounty and Redemptions Guide: ​

The Bounty guide is password protected: Login: bounty Password: triviata



● If you do not register as a Bounty with the Bounty Code you will not be eligible for 3x rewards at the end of 90 days.

● If you don't do ALL the tasks for 90 days and get a minimum of 25m crystals you will not receive 3x the bounty reward.

● Some offers will take you many days and you ​only receive crystals when the offer has been completed​. There is a 24 hour delay before you receive crystals in your account. You may run as many offers on the Offer Wall as you want.

● If you redeem crystals into VRA before 90 days then the 3x the bounty reward will only apply to your ​remaining ​ balance of Crystals.

● Crystal payouts: within 24 hours of completion

● After 90 days you can continue to play and earn VRA and restart another 90 day period!

● You can restart the 90 day period at any time.

● These rules can be amended at any time.


How to Make More than 3X the Crystals earned!

● 1M Crystals = $1

● 1M Crystals earned everyday = 90M x 3 Bonus = $270

● 2M Crystals earned every day = 180M x 3.33 Bonus = $600

● 4M Crystals earned every day = 360M x 3.75 Bonus = $1350

● 8M Crystals earned every day = 720M x 4.17 Bonus = $3000


Helpful Links

Triviata: ​

Triviata Bounty Support Group: ​

VRA Exchanges: ​

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