Why is Cloud Mining...

Why is Cloud Mining more beneficial than buying your own facilities?  



In short, cloud mining is better for your home because there is no noise and stuffiness. It is also several times cheaper, due to wholesale prices for hardware and electricity. If you want a detailed answer, read on:

Cloud mining is more efficient. You can buy specialized equipment, customise it, organize continuous work and provide the necessary conditions, but you can’t do it as well as an engineer with several years of experience in the field. Errors in configuration may lead to loss of time and even damage to expensive hardware. Hiring a top-level specialist to solve these problems is a non-profitable deal if you have a small mining farm. In turn, cloud mining is always set for the maximum return and is served by professionals whose payments are shared by all participants of the service, making the cloud-mining business model the most profitable.

Cloud mining is cheaper. Hardware purchasing at retail prices can often exceed the wholesale price several times over. Moreover, new customs regulations have practically ended the quick and straightforward method of importing new mining equipment. 

And again it is cheaper. In most developed countries, home mining is not acceptable because of high energy prices. Energy prices are much lower in Russia.

Convenience. to experience all the “delights” of home mining, you could watch one of the thousands of videos on the internet. If the loud hum and intense heat don’t appeal to you, then simply choose a modern and convenient way of mining: cloud mining.

Safety. In 2017, a large number of fires were caused by home mining. In most cases, the owner of the farm was said to be at fault, although the real reason was that the old wiring in the house couldn’t cope with the voltage. Why risk your property and your life when you could sit back and let CLOUD MINING do all the hard work, safely and responsibly?

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