[2019-10-07] BTC Pr...

[2019-10-07] BTC Price to Climb to $9,000 in Case of Bullish Daily Close  



Bitcoin, the top coin by market capitalization, has endured a minor recovery over the last 24 hours with its price spiking by 4.5 percent. According to crypto trader Luke Martin (Twitter: @VentureCoinist), BTC closing above $8,300 on Monday could strengthen its bullish momentum throughout the week. If the bulls persist, the crypto king could see the $9,000 in the short-term.

"The Crypto Dog" (Twitter: @TheCryptoDog) seems to be on the same page. The popular trader says that Bitcoin needs a break above the $8,500 level for the bullish scenario to come into play.

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The way I am seeing it now, I think there are now players who are back on the game so that there is a big probability that Bitcoin can slowly rise for the remainder of this week and then maybe move sideways before trying to break the $8,500 zone. Still, however, it would be hard to say if it would be possible for Bitcoin to make a good head-on breakthrough against the $9K level within this month but maybe that can happen next month. Definitely, there can never be a big bull run this year so let's reserve that exciting news on 2020 (though again i would love to be wrong!).

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BTC Price to Climb to 9000 in Case of Bullish Daily Close
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