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best2020: There's no way you can recover when a HYIP turns to SCAM.
best2020: The only thing you can do is to report them to authorities so they will be punished.
chaninsangram: They stopped paying me But they said let us wait. The website is updating.
Arioch: ?? any date given?
Arioch: did someone has already tried
Arioch: ***
Arioch: recovery asset fast
Arioch: they send bitcoin with an adress only reading ?
best2020: Did you invest there? You have to check review first before going to invest.
Arioch: no
Arioch: he told me to send 250€ so it will mine bitcoin and give me back the 250€ + 250€ from bitcoin
best2020: That's a joke. too good to be true. It's a clear scam.
Arioch: thanks
TheTester: Been lurking in the chat all day had to sign in to post
TheTester: whats up guys
TheTester: and 50€ of dogecoin Arioch: 8:03 any way I can Recover them? NOOO
TheTester: *** has been paying me 7 months and they will update everything again soon. Still early
TheTester: AltMiner 247com
Euse Yah: Hello @TheTester, How are you?
TheTester: OK, was replying to a message right now. Good feature
Arioch: ??
Arioch: Altminer?
TheTester: Yes Alt Miner 247 com I am using this website since Sept.
TheTester: Aricho: They have a special members only bot. You can only see it on the deposits page. Its paying $2.40 a day for me off of $100 for months now. I’ve had nothing but good experiences with them at this point. According to the other comments here, i’d have to agree that it’s a great place to invest.
BOZZ: Alt Miner 247 com is a good miner
successfulmonkey: alternatively, i found this site that we can generate coins https://minepi/successfulmonkey invitation code: successfulmonkey geek
Trump2020: AltMiner247. com is very good. I do long time. You guys should have joined last year and x9 your money by now
Iyasu Ayalew: I am not sure about the payment.
BOZZ: Yes Alt Miner 247 com is paying
williamsean356: If you are interested for the investment or are you looking legit and fast paying program , so don't worry. i know who is best hyip program so , join with *** and take a profit from in.

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