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FORTES.PRO is Russia-based hosting company. They offer the following services: DDoS Protection Services. Their servers are placed in next locations: Paris, Ottawa. 100% of user reviews who used FORTES.PRO are positive.

Proactive solution for protecting websites from DDoS attacks and illegal traffic

Protection against network DDoS attacks at 3-4 OSI layers
Geo-distributed, multi-level system for detecting and mitigating network DDoS attacks using protocols: DNS, ICMP, TCP and UDP. All incoming network traffic is analyzed in real time. When similar characteristics of traffic with DDoS attacks occur, automatic mitigation is triggered using Arista 7508R, Cisco and Arbor firewalls. The data center infrastructure has a bandwidth of 15 Tbit / s, which allows it to absorb very large volumes of traffic during attacks. Effective against attacks such as SYN Flood, UDP Flood, Memcached Amplification, IP Fragmentation, DNS Flood, DNS Amplification and their varieties.

Protection against applied DDoS attacks at OSI layer 7
Multilevel system for detecting and filtering DDoS attacks at the application level using the protocols: HTTP and HTTPS. All incoming traffic is analyzed on the network stack using proprietary statistical and behavioral modules that are capable of automatically learning for any type of attack. For more accurate detection of anomalies, signatures of all known DDoS attacks are collected, and maps of legitimate user behavior and frequency of requests are generated. When a threat occurs, filtering rules are automatically activated, including JavaScript challenge, slowing down suspicious requests, blocking sources, and others. Effective against attacks such as HTTP / S Flood, Slowloris, Slow Post and their varieties.

Protection against unwanted bots, parsers and brute force attacks
Detection and filtering of unwanted bots, parsers and prevention of brute force passwords is based on checks that determine whether the request source has a browser: Cookie, JavaScript, window size, etc.¬†If the bot’s IP address does not pass the check for the presence of a browser, is not in the client’s white sheets, as well as in the white sheets of search engines, payment aggregators, trackers and other useful systems from which bots apply, then this IP address is marked as unwanted, and access is restricted.¬†For bots that imitate a full-fledged browser, additional customizable rules are used to restrict access.

Large -capacity geo-distributed network
Our servers are located in one of the largest and most reliable data centers in the world РOVH. The main filtration points are in Germany, France, Great Britain, Canada and the USA. The total bandwidth of the channels is more than 15 Tbit / s, which allows filtering the most voluminous and long-lasting DDoS attacks.

Rapidly detect and mitigate attacks
All incoming traffic is analyzed by filters that are in a pending attack mode at both the network and application levels. This allows you to quickly detect and respond to a DDoS attack. Mitigation and filtering starts from the first seconds of the attack and ends after its complete localization. This prevents illegal connections and requests from reaching the client server.

Flexible filter settings and low false positive
Our engineers develop security algorithms with the full understanding that each site has its own characteristics. The flexibility in configuring filters allows you to set rules for each individual site, taking into account the experience of legitimate users. These measures allow you to reduce the false positive rate of protection during attacks to a minimum.

-Protection against all types of DDoS attacks

-Reliability of SLA protection – from 99%

-Test period

-24/7 technical support

-Fast and easy connection

-24/7 monitoring

-Flexible filter settings

-HTTPS support

IP address

-HTTP / 2 support

-Load balancing

-Websocket support


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