FCC price and tokenomics, Play To Earn NFT game


FarmerCrypto – the happy game, based on blockchain technology. FCC price started at $0.25 for 1 unit. Harvest & sale crop for rewards. Buying farmers and creating your team – that’s how your adventure starts. You can purchase few types of in-game NFTs, thus you will develop your strategy of earning revenue. Basically, it’s a fun and easy way to make a profit.

Basics of gameplay in farmercrypto.io crypto project

First, you should hire farmers for participating in the game. Every farmer has unique abilities and personal stats, make sure to pick the right one for each crop, so you’ll get more profitable in the farmercrypto.io crypto game.


• Efficiency

Affects the efficiency of harvesting

• Speed

Farmer base movement speed

• Energy

While farmers are working, they spend energy

• Health

This value goes down by the same amount of received tokens and starts from 200 fixed points.

Each time you send a farmer to work, the amount of health will decrease accordingly to the gathered crop’s revenue. If the health bar reaches 0 – farmer will be inactive. But players can spend from 15 to 45 FCC, buying needles in the game market, for health recovery.

FCC token – in-game options and staking

You can stack FCC token to boost user level – opportunity for advanced farming. If your goal is mastering the crypto farming project, you’ll require props to increase base abilities. Props – the unique units, so players should totally buy them.

Focusing on the profit, by harvesting crops you’ll get more advanced in game. After that, you can trade them for rewards or continue leveling up your efficiency.

The in-game shop includes supplies, that restore farmers’ stamina and vigor. If the character requires your attention, visit the shop and pick the recovering item.

Sometimes, you can even find the golden carrot, which is extremely hard to find but is also very valuable.

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