Fake BTC Giveaway Promoted on a Hacked Indian Youtuber’s Account

Some hackers successfully got hold of a gaming channel on YouTube belonging to an Indian. As usual, they tried to use the hacked account to dupe people again by promising BTC giveaways.

Ajey Nagar is the Indian who owns the gaming channel on YouTube. Some of his 6.7 million subscribers would have been a victim of the recent hack.

But it was his second Youtube channel, CarryisLive that got hacked. On it, he is seen playing video games with other users of YouTube and some popular persons.

After the hack, it was noticed that two Bitcoin giveaway schemes were promoted. On each of the giveaway scheme was a BTC address for viewers to respond with. In fact, on one of the videos, CEO Elon Musk of SpaceX and Tesla was captured donating BTC. The scheme promised to increase any donation made by 100%.

However, it didn’t take long before the hacked account was reclaimed by Ajey Nagar.

Bitcoin giveaway scams on YouTube are now on the increase. In the past, scammers have taken advantage of Elon Musk’s popularity to steal $150,000 from people who believed some BTC giveaway promotions. Not too long ago, owners of VeChain VET tokens were the target when scammers claimed they would get double of their donations. As some affected individuals took YouTube to court, the social media’s lawyers stated that it wasn’t YouTube’s fault that its users posted some scam promotions to the detriment of others.

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