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F1.com.tw is Taiwan-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Shared Hosting, Dedicated Server. Their servers are placed in Taiwan.

Provide services such as virtual hosting, URL registration…etc. for enterprises or individuals to set up websites.

-Virtual Hosting
-Hosting Hosting
-Physical Hosting
-Domain Application
-Webpage Design

Provide various tools for webmasters to optimize their own websites, including free forums, search engines, etc.
-SCLUB free forum application
-BLOG104 blog alliance
-UThome website alliance
-UThome network resource searcher

A website that provides life leisure, chatting, making friends, and mini games, accessible to everyone.
Successful Cases
-UT Chat Room UT Forum Pei Lai Pet Online Shopping Plaza (B2B) Petline Pet Online Life Information Network Game -High Flash Mini Games

The content may contain adult information, please be at least 20 years old or accompanied by a parent to enter.
Successful cases
-UT video chat room
-UT gay chat room
-UT gay forum
-UT lesbian chat room
-UT lesbian forum
-UT office worker chat room


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