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ExoBucks isn’t your average URL shortener. If you make money using URL shorteners and aren’t using ExoBucks, you’re losing money. Seriously, you’re losing a lot of it.

ExoBucks is a URL shortener that’s designed to increase the amount you’re earning from other URL shorteners. Their system is fully integrated with all of the popular URL shorteners – such as AdF.ly, Shorte.st, Ouo.io, etc. They’re basically a filter for your traffic.

Here’s how it works: ExoBucks connects with the URL shorteners you’re already making money from. When someone clicks on your ExoBucks link, their system detects which URL shortener will pay the most for that visitor and then redirects that user to the highest-paying shortener.

The reason this system works so great is because different URL shorteners pay different amounts based on the visitor’s location, browser, operating system, connection speed and so on. ExoBucks analyzes this data for each visitor you send to their links to make sure you’re sending each visitor (automatically) to the shortener that will pay the most for them.

Additionally, this also protects you from dead links. If a URL shortener shuts down or you decide to stop using them, just remove them from your ExoBucks dashboard. They’ll automatically stop sending your clicks to that shortener and send them to the other ones.

And don’t worry – payments are still sent directly to you by the different URL shorteners you’re using. ExoBucks isn’t involved in the payment process. They just increase how much you’re earning.

If you’re serious about making money with URL shorteners, you should only be distributing links generated by ExoBucks. If you’re distributing shortened URLs directly from other providers, you’re leaving money on the table. I would highly recommend using them instead.

And best of all – it’s 100% free and only takes a few minutes to get started.

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