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Evolution VIP is Israel-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Shared Hosting. Their servers are placed in next locations: Israel, United States. 100% of user reviews who used Evolution VIP are positive.


Web hosting and virtual server hosting company

EvolutionVIP’s team of experts maintains thousands of sites that are stored on top of a cloud array of servers. Our team of experts takes care of website security, backup monitoring and more. Join thousands of satisfied customers who have already opted for EvolutionVIP services.

Hardware and infrastructure

Evolution VIP has deployed its infrastructure at the 3 main server farms in Israel after checking that they meet international and secure standards. In each of the farms, Evolution has communication cabinets with servers, communication equipment and first-class security.

The professional staff

Unlike traditional web hosting companies whose knowledge usually comes down to server management only.

At EvolutionVip – a web hosting company all technical staff members are trained programmers and database people (DBAs) with extensive experience in the field (quantitative and qualitative) in a very wide range of operating systems, databases and development environments.

SERVER LOCATIONS: Israel  ,United States

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