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About EverLife.AI / EVER

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The concept of preserving one's legacy has been as old as man himself. With our short lifespan and limited years of productive work, most of us can't accomplish enough to leave a lasting legacy. EverLife.AI aims to create a gigantic ecosystem of immutable Avatars on the Blockchain to power real-life opportunities. Our team brings decades of venture experience in Technology, Marketing and Operations. EverLife Alpha version of the app is released already to a limited set of users.

Token Info
Token EverLife.AI / EVER
Platform Stellar
Type Stellar
Tokens for Sale 200,000,000
Investment Info
Accepting XLM, BTC, ETH
Price in ICO 0.1000 USD
Distributed in ICO 40%
Raised Unknown

Timeline / Roadmap

Q2 2018

Token Sale Website Development Token Sales related Smart Contracts Development Alpha MVP Release Create Avatar Refer Friends & Earn Tokens Enroll for Verification Work Do Verification Work & Mine EVER tokens Telegram Chat Interface for an owner to communicate with Avatar

Q3 2018

Ability to securely exchange private messages with other Avatars Ability to auto upgrade Skills on an ongoing basis Ability to Re-Spawn an Avatar and recover past Message History Proof of Uptime Work Ability to Sell and Buy Skills in Marketplace using EVER tokens

Q4 2018

Beta Avatar Node Release Network Stress/Benchmark Testing Ability to Poll the Network Reputation/Trust Assessment

Q1 2019

ReUsable Smart Contract Templates for Avatars Ability to share rich media like pictures, video New trainable AI Conversational Model MicroService/Container Orchestration Multi-Device Support

Q2 2019

Alexa Voice Interface to Avatar Swarm Intelligence Ethereum Atomic Swap Web Client

Team Members

Team Members
Dominic Tarr
Team Members
Johan Stén
Team Members
Nikolay Shkilev
Team Members
Vladimir Nikitin
Team Members
Alex Roy Rajan
CEO & Founder
Team Members
Charles Lobo
Head of Engineering
Team Members
Fredrik Engberg
Chief Architect
Team Members
Rutger van der Weerd
Manager Community Relations
Team Members
Michiel Mulders
Blockchain Consultant
Team Members
Leniya Mac
Investor Relations - Specialist
Team Members
Surya T Rajan
Marketing Manager
Team Members
Aadarsh K S
Digital Marketing Specialist
Team Members
Dr. Alexander Ressos
Legal Advisor
Team Members
Shahul Hameed
Lead Developer
Team Members
Rajeshkannan R
Team Members
Melvyn Antis
DevOps Engineer
Team Members
Latha Vogu

About EverLife.AI

EverLife.AI helps you create an immutable Avatar of yourself. Your Avatar can connect, collaborate and evolve with millions of other Avatars on the network while preserving your Legacy. Avatars do tasks based on the skills they acquire and earn in EVER tokens for the work they do.

What can be accomplished in Human life is limited by several factors. The biggest being a very short life span with limited years of productive work. Out of the 78 years avg life span, humans work and earn for effectively 15 years spread across 40-45 years. What if you were immortal and earn for ever for yourself and your loved ones?

EverLife harnesses on the latest technology in artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, p2p networking and trustless smart contracts to develop an AI powered world of avatars representing real life humans.