Europol Apprehends Criminals Involved in Illegal Streaming Business

The European police have caught a group of Spain-based people that take part in illegal online streaming.

Not long ago, European police team discovered that some people have been involved in online streaming illegally for five years.

This was after searching 15 homes. 11 were arrested after the search and the police disconnected 50 servers in nine countries.

Europol also said it recovered some valuables including expensive cars, cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies over $5.4 million, jewelry and other costly gadgets. The police’s investigation also led to the freezing of bank accounts which had about $1.25 million altogether.

Gains reach $17 million after five years

The illegal business was of high quality in its sense and also well organized. Though based in Spain, the streaming activities were done outside Spain to more than two million clients. The customer support teams were excellent and the quality control couldn’t have been matched with most other streaming businesses.

Europol found out that the illegal business had several channels, documentaries, movies and other kinds of content that total over 40,000. Their business fetched an income of about $17 million which was paid into their PayPal, crypto and bank accounts.

Illegal streaming in the world is up to 17%

The more online media streaming keeps increasing, the more illegal streaming continues to hit higher numbers. ABI made a research and discovered that up to 17% of online streaming today is illegal.

Illegal streaming has continued to rise because of the high cost of paying for the services of Netflix, Walk Disney Co. and their likes.

According to Tim Mulligan of Midia Research: “The background threat of piracy means that the subscription video-on-demand services will have the ongoing threat of piracy as a pricing factor.”

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