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eticoweb is Italy-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Shared Hosting, Dedicated Server, SSL. Their servers are placed in Milano.

All services are provided thanks to our powerful CLOUD servers

ETICOWEB was born from the desire to create an Ethical Hosting Provider, sensitive to the needs of surfers who want their own Internet space and equally sensitive to No-Profit / ONLUS realities . Not only that: Eticoweb has decided to support the non-profit world, the solidarity economy, environmental protection, free software. Anyone who turns to Eticoweb knows that he can count on a structure that, in the perspective of service and continuous assistance to the person and / or company, can best solve every need on the Internet, from simple Domain Registration to the placement of a Server.

Thanks to the collaboration of the customers who support the initiatives, it intends to help all the ONLUS associations, offering its service at reduced prices.

Eticoweb is the tangible result of our philosophy that we could summarize in one word: fairness. The Internet has given us the opportunity to concretely express our way of living and working, which we would like to become everyone’s way.
We have started.


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