Ethereum Privacy Protocol Adopts Immutability as way Forward has adopted 100% immutability for every smart contract although this comes with some security risks.

The acceptance of an entirely immutable protocol for Fledgling Ethereum anonymization has been declared since May 21.

Some friends of Ethereum are warning against putting money into the protocol because it is risky. Chooses 100% immutability

Tornado agrees that this comes with some advantages and disadvantages. The advantages include more decentralization and an increased difficulty to alter smart contracts.

Notwithsanding, the developers agree that it may not be easy to control bugs anymore. In an announcement made during the adoption of complete immutability, the company advised that users should now insure their funds.

Although they are discontinuing with the version, there is a plan to create something they think is bigger, and that is creating something similar to Zcash on the Ethereum mainnet.

Comparing Immutability and vulnerability

David Gerard is not happy about the decision for immutability. He describes it as “a sitting duck for attackers, where security holes literally can’t be fixed.” He called on the developers to remember the first major blow that Ethereum had. has not been widely accepted since its launch in August 2019. For this reason, the developers are trying to play safe by issuing a warning on the home page of that the project is still on trial and is yet to be declared completely safe for users.

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