Ethereum Foundation Postpones Devcon 6 till 2021

Devcon 6 will no longer hold this year. Ethereum Foundation made this known as it proposed to host the event next year in Bogota.

The Ethereum Foundation has confirmed that blockchain’s international conference, Devcon 6, which happens to be the biggest yearly blockchain event, has been postponed till next year in Bogota, Colombia. The exact date is yet to be fixed.

Why was it postponed?

The Foundation said it is better to postpone it because flight operations across several countries have been suspended following the COVID-19 pandemic. The organizers want all concerned to be a part of it and not just a few. Since nobody is sure of when things will normalize fully, The Foundation thinks it is best to postpone it. The Foundation would rather support other local events in various countries instead of hosting a “Devcon” that would be the worst ever.

Here is how they put it:

“We won’t simply serve up the least bad contingency or substitute option for the community and call it ‘Devcon’ when we’ve just pledged to do things right.”

Bogota was among 9 other cities that were selected for the big event next year. Bogota was chosen among others because it has the potential to support those who will be coming. Besides, the city’s interest in blockchain has been overwhelming in recent times.

Columbia is among the first three crypto loving communities

Recent studies have revealed that Latin America records the highest number of crypto users while Brazil and Colombia, each with 18%, vie for the second and third place.

Other countries within the top ten include Argentina (16%), South Africa (16%), Mexico (12%), Chile (11%), China (11%), Indonesia (11%), and Spain (10%)

The recent increase in the use of crypto in Argentina and Brazil is as a result of hyperinflation in the countries. But this does not account for Colombia’s adoption of crypto since their economy is doing well and there has been a consistent fall in their inflation rate, which is now only 3.5%, since the last four years.

The Ethereum Foundation is also making efforts to see that more people begin to accept Ethereum in Colombia. One of the leaders of the foundation said:

“From builders, to educational entities, local business leaders, decision-makers and more, we’re already meeting and working with the people of Bogotá, Colombia, and South America to help make real-world use of Ethereum’s technology and to further it.”

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