Equos Exchange from Diginex Prepares To Be The First Crypto Exchange Listed in The U.S.

Equos Exchange from Diginex Prepares To Be The First Crypto Exchange Listed in The U.S.

After Diginex completes its merger, it is expected that its Equos exchange which it just started will be listed in the U.S. as the first recognized crypto trading platform.

Diginex is a company based on blockchain technology. It now has its own digital asset exchange called Equos, which kicked off on July 30

Some of the activities people will be able to do on it include “perpetual swaps, dated futures, options, and other derivatives products”. However, for now, it offers just spot trading. The first currencies that will be available for immediate use are the USD and the stable coin called USD Coin (USDC).

Diginex is also a legal entity in Singapore as a ‘Major Payment Institution.’ It is confined to act within the requirements of the Singapore Payment Services Act.

Users of Equos exchange will find it easy to benefit from the services of Digivault, a custodian of Diginex’s digital assets. They will also be able to use Diginex Access by the time it is launched.

Diginex wants to merge

Diginex first launched Equos in preparation for a merger with 8i Enterprises Acquisition Corp, which is recognized by NASDAQ.

If plans work out before the end of this year, Equos will be the first digital asset exchanged listed in the U.S.

Richard Byworth, the CEO of Diginex said:

“This is a pivotal moment for us to launch ahead of our transaction with 8i Enterprises Acquisition Corp.” He also added: “Our planned listing on Nasdaq is further testament to compliance, regulation, and transparency.”

Diginex also decides to work with Itiviti

Diginex made its intention about working with Itiviti known on July 21. Its main aim for the partnership is to take advantage of the company’s ‘Tbricks’ solution.

Tbricks is used to manage the risks, profits, losses and portfolio of institutional clients.

With Tbricks, Diginex thinks Diginex Access is already a success. Diginex has also partnered with Itiviti because of its global order routing network.

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