English Football Club Attacked by Ransomware Group

Sport clubs in the UK were earlier alerted about possible ransomware attacks by some cybersecurity groups.

The UK National Cyber Security Center informed the public today about some unusual ransomware attacks currently being experienced in the sports sector. Not too long ago, a ransomware group demanded for some millions of dollars to be paid in Bitcoins.

Cyber Threat to Sports Organizations said the club’s corporate security systems were damaged when the group launched their ransomware.

The group demanded for 400 BTC (more than 3 million dollars) before undoing the damage but the club didn’t accept it. Consequently, some of their store data were not recovered.

A lot of damages may have happened

According to some studies conducted over the incidence, it is possible that a lot of damages have happened. The gang made sure they knocked down their official emails, turnstiles, and the CCTV in their stadium.

Nothing has been made public about the tool the gang used to penetrate the club’s security systems. But some people are guessing it was through a phishing email. It is also likely that they attacked from the CCTV systems.

According to cybersecurity authorities in the UK, the club spent more than £100,000 to put things back in order.

Previous ransomware attacks

It has been discovered that the British sports organizations have suffered attacks previously and 4 out of every 10 of them were malware attacks. 25% of the malware attacks were ransomware.

The trend started in 2018 and it has been worsening by the day since then. The attackers usually aim for sports organizations that have money.

Ransomware attacks are now three times what it used to be in 2018. Gangs easily get the tools they need to launch an attack on the darknet.

Another kind of ransomware attack known as cryptojacking has also been on the rise. In Singapore, the number of cases has quadrupled between Q1 of 2019 and Q1 of 2020.

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