1Th/s worth $59.00 for 360 days
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About is a cryptocurrency cloud mining (Bitcoin) platform that offers 1Th/s worth $59.00 for 360 days as minimal contract. Cloud Mining enable users to mine bitcoins or alternative cryptocurrencies without managing a hardware.

Mining Contracts: 1Th/s worth $59.00 for 360 days, 5Th/s worth $79.00 for 180 days, 10Th/s worth $213.00 for 365 days and 11Th/s worth $279.00 for 360 days

Payout Mode: Manual

Affiliate Commission: 10% of the amount invested

Support Email: [email protected]

This is what it says on website:
ECOS company was founded in 2017 in Armenia. The basis was the idea of creating a Free Economic Zone in Armenia for high-tech IT startups based on blockchain technology and AI (Artificial intelligence). In October 2018, an agreement on the establishment of a Free Economic Zone in Armenia was signed between ECOS and the Government of Armenia. In December 2018, the Free Economic Zone was launched in Armenia to develop the digital cluster, including support and development of mining infrastructure. The first resident of the Free Economic Zone ECOS ECOS-M has launched its own equity mining service ECOS Cloud Mining, which is located in the Free Economic Zone in Armenia.

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@peepso_user_10534(Dario) In order to enter the world of cryptocurrency and learn the skills of a trader, it is not necessary to immediately go into trading, you can start with mining. For example, I slowly study this market with the ecos cloud mining platform. First I bought inexpensive contracts, but after the first withdrawals of funds, I bought a couple more because it is clear that this is not a scam.
2 months ago 2 months ago
@peepso_user_11887(Malhans) Hi everyone. I've got a question: given how unstable the crypt rate is, does it make sense to get involved with mining in general and with cloud mining in particular? For example, ecos contracts look quite interesting, at least at current rates, but how profitable is it really? Has anyone tried it?
1 month ago 1 month ago
@peepso_user_11928(Unpverpen) It all depends on your goal. If you want to get a quick profit - no, mining is not about this. But in the long term, Yes, mining can bring quite a pleasant profit. Especially now, when cryptocurrencies are growing, but they are growing gradually, so you should not expect a collapse in the near future. So mining should not be considered as an opportunity to get rich quickly, but as a long-term source of income.

For example, I bought a 30-month contract from ECOS "To The Moon", and the results are as follows
4 weeks ago 4 weeks ago
@peepso_user_12392(Antos) This is not my first contract with ecos cloud mining. As always, great support, quick response and answering all questions. The choice of contracts is very good with different risks and profits, no problems with payments, so i can say it's a reliable company.
1 week ago 1 week ago
@peepso_user_12677(BequiteFilch) In my opinion, reliability is the most important thing. There are companies that promise huge profits, but in the end it's a scam. But ecos cloud mining, you can immediately calculate your profit on a calculator, the numbers are quite real. My contract paid off and now i'm getting profit.
4 days ago 4 days ago