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Alexa Traffic Rank: 66,350 is a cryptocurrency cloud mining (Bitcoin) platform that offers 1Th/s worth $59.00 for 360 days as minimal contract. Cloud Mining enable users to mine bitcoins or alternative cryptocurrencies without managing a hardware.

Mining Contracts: 1Th/s worth $59.00 for 360 days, 5Th/s worth $79.00 for 180 days, 10Th/s worth $213.00 for 365 days and 11Th/s worth $279.00 for 360 days

Payout Mode: Manual

Affiliate Commission: 10% of the amount invested

Support Email: [email protected]

This is what it says on website:
ECOS company was founded in 2017 in Armenia. The basis was the idea of creating a Free Economic Zone in Armenia for high-tech IT startups based on blockchain technology and AI (Artificial intelligence). In October 2018, an agreement on the establishment of a Free Economic Zone in Armenia was signed between ECOS and the Government of Armenia. In December 2018, the Free Economic Zone was launched in Armenia to develop the digital cluster, including support and development of mining infrastructure. The first resident of the Free Economic Zone ECOS ECOS-M has launched its own equity mining service ECOS Cloud Mining, which is located in the Free Economic Zone in Armenia.

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  1. Tusk_master says:

    The app that ecos offers is definitely still in the early stage of development – it doesn’t have a lot of features, only mining contracts, a wallet and an exchange platform. But it is extremely well laid out, has great performance and doesn’t have any glitches that I noticed.

  2. Hallison says:

    Of course my cloud mining income plummeted together with the Bitcoin price – there is no way around it. However, ecos continues to pay, so the drop in income is much smaller than I anticipated.

  3. Marleo says:

    Well, since BTC dropped almost to $55k, we all have a great opportunity to see what crypto platforms deserve to live. So far I would say that ecos looks pretty strong.

  4. Alzek says:

    I would say that ecos is a good example of how a cloud mining platform should work. I have been with this company for over a year, during which time I have not had any problems with withdrawing funds or operating equipment.

  5. MR.Rookie says:

    It’s hard to say what money my contract with ecos will bring in six months. Today it is profitable, but bitcoin can not always hold so high.

  6. Jantaz says:

    The contract with ecos always paid for itself – even 9 months ago, when I just bought it and crypto was rather low. Now, due to the rally, the income has become quite significant.

  7. Fabolaus says:

    An ordinary user can’t just order and get an ASIC. Given that to host one with ASSIC takes only a single day, I wonder how much ECOS are to blame for this situation?

  8. Markavr says:

    Due to the BTC rate growth a 30-month contract for ECOS cloud mining suddenly turned out to be much more profitable than I expected.

  9. Protopall says:

    ECOS engineers did a great job setting up my ASIC – even after paying for hosting the income was better than it would be if I mined on my own.

  10. Appetk says:

    This is my fourth contract, which I bought from ecos cloud mining. Of the advantages of ecos, I would like to note the very good technical support, honesty and reliability of the company, because during the time that I have been using their services, I have not had any problems with withdrawing funds.

  11. Lapllas says:

    Mining with ECOS turned out to be much more profitable than mining on my own. I could never squeeze as much hashrate out of Antminer T17 as their team did. So after all the maintenance fee is lower than additional yield due to performance increase.

  12. Salros says:

    Well, to be frank, I screwed up – I was too cautious and hosted the cheapest ASIC on ECOS – just to test it. And everything was great – 100% uptime, prompt payouts, no problems. So if I bought a more powerful option – the difference would’ve already been covered and I would make much more money on mining.