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Ecodissident is Iceland-based hosting company. They offer the following services: VPS. Their servers are placed in Iceland.

Ecological and Dissident Hosting #
Green, Icelandic virtual servers from Webarchitects.
Webarchitects offers Ecodissident virtual servers through a partnership with the Icelandic hosting company 1984, as part of our commitment to renewable energy, and the practice and defence of freedom of speech and self-expression (except hate speech or incitement to violence).

Green Power #
Like ALL our services, these servers are 100% sustainably powered. In Iceland the electricity grid is powered using geothermal and hydro-electricity . No other nation uses such a high proportion of renewable energy resources. Iceland’s energy grid is reliable and resilient and less cooling is needed than in warmer parts of the world, further reducing ecological impacts.

International Modern Media Institute #
We support the International Modern Media Institute (IMMI) which is working to make Iceland a safe haven for freedom of speech. Being located offshore in Iceland, the servers offer the highest level of protection for journalists, whistleblowers and organisations where online attack is a real possibility.


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