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EasyWP is an american platform that provides managed hosting services for WordPress-based websites. This product is a subsidiary of the Namecheap hosting provider and domain registrar. As conceived by the creators, the EasyWP-com project focuses on WordPress-based sites, offering customers high-quality hosting at a starting price of 1 cent with a subsequent renewal for $ 3.88.

The range of standard services available in all tariff plans includes:

  • One-click automatic installation of CMS WordPress;
  • Hosting on the Namecheap cloud platform;
  • Simple backup and recovery option;
  • Automatic update of all systems;
  • 24/7 technical support from Namecheap team;
  • Free SSL certificate.

Currently EasyWP services can be paid monthly and yearly using bank cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express) and PayPal. Billing in cryptocurrency (BTC and BCH) are also available.


EasyWP has a number of competitive advantages that make this platform very popular among website owners that have chosen CMS WordPress. Among the strengths it is worth noting:

  1. High performance. The average full page load time is 0.7 seconds and the ping time is 192 milliseconds.
  2. Convenient and intuitive interface. Through the EasyWP-com control panel you can install the WordPress content management system in 1 click without understanding the intricacies of the secure installation process.
  3. 100% managed hosting. As a user you do not need to know the specifics of server administration, since the EasyWP team of specialists will do all the work for you.
  4. Large knowledge base. On the official website every user will find a whole series of articles in the FAQ format, which will make it possible to use the hosting capabilities more efficiently and competently.
  5. Stability and safety. EasyWP hosts clients’ sites on cloud servers of new generation, which guarantees stable operation of a resource under any conditions. An SSL certificate is also provided (for top tariffs PositiveSSL from Sectigo is available).
  6. Just with one click you can backup your website or database files and restore them just as easily.
  7. Maintenance mode. This option lets you make changes to the site in an isolated mode. You make changes that are not displayed on the website, but only in demo mode for you personally. Only after you are convinced of the correctness of the changes made, you can safely implement them into a working site.

Also, in the near future, the company plans to offer its customers such a service as a free CDN. According to the information on the website, this should happen in the first half of 2021.

As for communication with customers, the platform has its own blog at easywp.com, where all relevant information is published, as well as an official Twitter account. You can also contact the support team via online chat.

Functionality and plugins

Almost all plugins available for WordPress can be installed on a website powered by EasyWP hosting. At the same time, the user does not need to install caching plugins, since these technologies are already embedded in the official EasyWP-com plugin. It should be borne in mind that a number of unreliable plugins, according to the creators of the platform, may not be available to users. The entire list of available plugins is presented on the website.

The company provides full access to the most important in the opinion of developers tools. EasyWP lets integrate such technologies as WooCommerce (online commerce), Jetpack (website customization without direct code changes) and Yoast (search engine optimization plugin) into WordPress-based websites.

Tariff plans

EasyWP offers several pricing plans. Below are the terms for the monthly payment for the provider’s products.


  • Price: $ 3.88 per month;
  • First month billing: 0.01 USD;
  • SSD storage: 10 GB;
  • Limit: up to 50k visitors per month.


  • Price: $ 7.88
  • First month billing: $ 0.02;
  • SSD storage: 50 GB;
  • Limit: up to 200k visitors per month;
  • Power ratio: CPU: x1.5;
  • RAM ratio: x1.5;
  • Free SSL.


  • Price: $ 11.88;
  • First month billing: $ 3;
  • SSD-drive: 100 GB;
  • Limit: up to 500k visitors per month;
  • Power factor: CPU: x2;
  • RAM ratio: x2;
  • Free SSL;
  • Guaranteed uptime: 99.99%;
  • Free SSL.

All tariff plans also include:

  • Hosting in the Namecheap cloud;
  • Elastic scaling as traffic increases;
  • High availability with high uptime;
  • Unprecedented performance;
  • Compatible with any domains;
  • Simple tool for backup and recovery;
  • SFTP and database access.

Note that when paying for hosting for a year, the price will be much lower. All tariff plans are available bundled with the service suites of the parent platform Namecheap. This includes advanced SSL and domain name purchases.


The American platform EasyWP was initially tailored for a narrow category of sites that operate on WordPress. While this may seem like an unnecessary limitation, in practice, this approach lets the company offer customers technical solutions adapted to the specifics of this particular content management system. At the same time, EasyWP customers receive all the services of the parent platform Namecheap, which is considered the largest domain seller and hosting provider in the United States.

EasyWP-com works on the basis of cloud servers, which provides the utmost security and maximum website speed regardless of the visitor’s geolocation. In addition, EasyWP provides a lot of tools for optimizing a WordPress-based website, which gives the client a lot of competitive advantages at the start.

If you are looking for a solid basis for your WordPress-based website, then it makes sense to start with EasyWP. This platform will delight you with a democratic pricing policy, good functionality and competent technical support. You can order progressive WordPress hosting right now for just 1 cent.

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