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easyWEB is Canada-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Shared Hosting. Their servers are placed in Toronto. 33% of user reviews who used easyWEB are positive.

Your Unconditional,
100% Satisfaction
Money Back Guarantee
Since 1998, easyDNS has set industry standards for excellence, reliability and innovation. As a client, we promise you superior services, reliability, 100% DNS uptime and excellence without hassle or compromise.

If you’re not entirely satisfied with our services, you can cancel and leave with a 100% refund. No “conditions,” no fine print.

easyDNS is the world’s only Domain Provider to offer you this protection.

Say good-bye forever to those nameless, faceless, dime-a-dozen fly-by-night outfits and those countless outages, unresponsive support, and general angst.

You can rest easy knowing that your websites are now in the same hands you’ve had your domains and DNS in for over a decade.

Why learn a new website control panel? We built easyWEB with cPanel – the leading website control panel in use today.

That means you can leave skidmarks out of that unresponsive, hellish bargain-basement webhost and get up and running on easyWEB in record time.

When you host with easyWEB and your domain names are with easyDNS you gain the advantage of being able to manage your DNS and website content from within the same environment. This opens the door to creating a high availability, bulletproof web presence at a very compelling price. Host monitoring, failover DNS, and hot-swappable infrastructure can guarantee your uptime.


We totally get that when you need support, you need it NOW. Instead of filling out a support form or signing up to post to a help forum, we encourage you to give us a call. easyDNS understands the urgency of your concern and we respond accordingly. If you’d rather email us, that works too. Our evolving help pages provide solutions to commonly asked questions.


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