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A new approach to cryptocurrency wallets. Now you can not only hold money, but also earn money on holding with E-wallet.io

Cryptocurrency wallets are designed to store cryptocurrencies and transfer coins to other users. For the convenience of users, there are multi currency wallets that allow to store and transfer different cryptocurrencies.
Thanks to the multi cryptocurrency wallets, users no longer need to store different cryptocurrencies in different wallets, it is enough to have one cryptocurrency wallet to store different cryptocurrencies in it.
The team of E-wallet.io has decided not to stop and create not just a multicurrency wallet, but a multicurrency wallet that allows to earn money by storing (holding) cryptocurrencies.

How everything works 

There are 2 types of mining – PoW mining and PoS mining. PoW mining requires a lot of computing power, it requires a lot of electricity, while PoS mining does not require the purchase of special equipment and capacities. Thanks PoS mining, large coin holders get rewards for holding their coins. PoS mining is used in such cryptocurrencies as Binance, NEO, ONT, VET, NPXS and many others.

The team of E-wallet.io has decided to make PoS mining available to all users of the wallet. Team believes that all users should have equal opportunities to make a profit.  E-wallet.io has made PoS mining available to all users.

What profit does E-wallet.io offer? 

The profit from POS mining is 0.2-1% per day.

The amount of profit depends on how many days the coins are hold. The longer the user keeps his/her coins, the more profit he/she gets.

For the first 10 days the user receives 0.2% every day, from the 11th day the profit is 0.3%, from the 21st day the profit is 0.4%, from the 31st day –  0.5%, and from the 41st day – 1%.

The longer the user keeps his/her coins in E-wallet.io, the greater is his/her profit, regardless of the amount of coins stored in the wallet.

Prior to listing of E-wallet coin on major cryptocurrency exchanges, all mined coins will be repurchased from users at a fixed rate. After adding a coin to the exchanges, coin holders will be able to sell their coins at a more favorable rate.
To increase the rate of E-wallet coin, a procedure for burning coins is provided. It will allow to regulate the balance of supply and demand in the market.

What are the opportunities for additional earnings in E-wallet.io?

In addition to earning money on PoS mining the team of E-wallet.io offers additional earnings on the referral program. All users of E-wallet.io get a personal referral link to participate in the referral program. For each attracted referral, the inviting person receives 100% of his/her reward.
But this is not all the opportunities to earn money with E-wallet.io. Additionally there is a bounty program which features can be found on the website of E-wallet.io.
Team of E-wallet.io has created a multicurrency wallet that, in addition to storing (holding) cryptocurrencies and transferring cryptocurrencies to other users, offers its users various opportunities to earn more income: on PoS mining, on the referral program and on the bounty program.

Learn more about E-wallet.io.
Website: https://e-wallet.io

White paper: https://e-wallet.io/wp/White-Paper.pdf

Bounty program: https://e-wallet.io/bounty

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/www.ewallet.io/

Telegram: https://teleg.link/e_wallet

Telegram chat: https://t.me/ewalletio

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ewalletio

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