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e-Padi Corporation is Indonesia-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Shared Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Server. Their servers are placed in next locations: Jakarta, Singapore, Kansas City. 100% of user reviews who used e-Padi Corporation are positive.

e-Padi Network / e-Padi Corporation is known as e-Padi.com with the official website address www.e-padi.com and has an official business entity called cv.e-Padi Corporation, established since September 2004 (legal entity legality since 2006 ). e-Padi.com is a company that focuses on the hosting business, including Shared Hosting, Domain name registration, dedicated servers, co-location, virtual private servers, managed services, web based development, and application development. e-Padi.com continues to innovate and provide solutions with the various services / products we offer. e-Padi.com develops together with advances in the pace of technology, especially in the field of online services related to cheap web hosting and other related server needs, increasing the ability of Servers and Human Resources (Human Resources) to continue to be improved according to the needs of the global market, so that the harmony of these developments is expected to add and expand the scope of services and product innovation in various types of business fields owned by CV. e-Padi Corporation.

SERVER LOCATIONS: Jakarta,  Singapore , Kansas City

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