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Drávanet Zrt is Hungary-based hosting company. They offer the following services: Shared Hosting, VPS. Their servers are placed in Hungary.

Drávanet Zrt is a major player in the Hungarian telecommunications and internet market. The 100% Hungarian-owned company was established in 2000, and it provides internet, telephone, and server infrastructure services for businesses, state-owned organizations, and local municipalities.

Our Services

Drávanet Zrt offers cutting-edge telecommunications services for non-residential customers:

–        data and internet leased-line connections both on fiber-optic and microwave network,

–        voice-over-IP telephone service utilizing SIP protocol,

–        server hosting and virtual server (VPS) solutions in 3 cities (Budapest, Pécs, Szeged),

–        virtual telephone PBX service for SME customers.


Our dedicated technical staff is ready to provide high-quality and reliable service meeting Drávanet SLA commitments for our customers. Each of our clients has its own account manager offering friendly and tailor-made treatment.

R&D Activities

Drávanet Zrt has a special focus on Research & Development (R&D) activities in the area of Information and Communications Technology (ICT). It has conducted a number of successful R&D projects recently, and it prepares and runs several research projects today, as well. The company’s main research topics are as follows:

–        cloud services

–        remote management

–        mobile measurement

–        large amount of data

–        telephone technology


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