Donald Trump Considers Pardoning Edward Snowden

President Donald Trump of the U.S. thinks it’s now time to consider allowing Edward Snowden to come back to his country after he was sent packing 7 years ago to Russia.

Edward Snowden was sent out of the U.S. because he leaked some secrets. But he may soon be welcomed back again if President Trump forgives him.

The possibility of Edward Snowden returning back can be linked to Trump’s statement during a press conference when he said he was “going to start looking at” granting him a pardon. Trump understands that many people think Snowden should be brought back home.

Snowden wrote this on Twitter when he learnt about Trump’s comments:

“The last time we heard a White House considering a pardon was 2016, when the very same Attorney General who once charged me conceded that, on balance, my work in exposing the NSA’s unconstitutional system of mass surveillance had been ‘a public service.’”

According to Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution, President Trump has the authority to bring back Snowden since he is the sitting president even though the act was not done in his tenure. However, Snowden still has questions to answer concerning breaching the Espionage Act of 1917 and stealing things owned by the government.

President Trump has already granted pardon to 25 people since his assumption of duty in January 2017. Snowden who worked with the National Security Agency will make it 26 if President Trump decides to go ahead with the plan.

Snowden still talks about crypto

Although he has not been at home, Snowden has not stopped giving his views about Bitcoin and its underlying technology.

It is said that Snowden collected payments in Bitcoin for exposing several documents to journalists through some servers 7 years ago. Snowden also said he knew March was the right time to buy BTC when its price fell below $4,000.

Last year, Snowden had plans of using crypto to get the money from the sales of his autobiography, Permanent Record. Unfortunately for him, he may not even be able to sell the book because of the sanction imposed by U.S. Magistrate Judge Theresa Carroll Buchanan. This was her ruling:

“The Court must conclude that because Snowden outrightly refused to participate in civil discovery despite contrary advice from counsel and an understanding of the repercussions, Snowden has unequivocally acted in bad faith.”

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