Did Garmin Pay $10M Ransom to Become Functional Again?

It was reported earlier that Evil Corp hacked Garmin and it affected the company’s customer support center and navigations. Garmin was asked to pay $10 million to regain control of their systems.

It looks as if Garmin may have given the hackers some of the money required if not all. The unfortunate incident took place on July 23.

Two days ago, Lawrence Abras who works at Bleeping Computer reported that Garmin undid the harm caused by the WastedLocker ransomware with a decryptor. Now, some of the affected services are back to normal.

It was said that for this to happen, Garmin must have paid the ransom because the ransomware had no fault.

The news stated that Garmin was back fully on July 25, meaning that the ransom may have been paid on the same day or the previous day.

Evil Corp caused it

It was reported last week that Evil Corp claimed responsibility for the attack on Garmin and demanded a ransom of $10 million to undo the damage.

The gang leader, Maksim Yakubets, was already known by the U.S. because of his criminal records in 2019. The FBI was in search of him and had promised a ransom of $5 million to anyone who could reveal his whereabouts. According to the report, the FBI has never made such a promise for a cybercriminal.

Garmin resuming duties

On July 27, Garmin said on its Twitter account that “many of the systems and services affected by the recent outage, including Garmin Connect, are returning to operation.” Garmin acknowledged on its website that it was attacked by a cyber gang but it did not mention if it paid any ransom.

Garmin was forbidden by the U.S. to pay any ransom to the group because the government had already taken it as a challenge to fish the members out. Emsisoft’s Brett Callow was of the opinion that Garmin would be taken to court if it paid any ransom.

Calow, however, admitted that although Garmin wasn’t supposed to pay any ransom to Evil Corp, it could be the only way for them to regain control of their data.

Previous Ransomware attacks

Garmin is not the first to be attacked by a ransomware group. There are many of them who had no other option than to pay millions of dollars to  ensure their business continued.

An example is the travel firm, CWT, which is based in the U.S. At first, it was asked to pay a ransom of $10 million but they negotiated with the gang to pay $4.5 million in Bitcoin. Another example is the University of California which said it had to pay over $1 million for a hack that happened on June 1.

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