DEXTools review, advantages and disadvantages

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DEXTools (DEXT) positions itself on a market as a popular analytics service that provides data on all DEX and DeFi markets. The system makes it possible to do real-time tracking of asset quotes from the Poligon, BSC and Ethereum networks. Also, DEXTools helps you follow the listing of new tokens on various DEXs. So this software is quite interesting for pros and amateurs.

DEXTools Features

DEXTools makes it possible:

  • to monitor trading pairs in the DeFi market;
  • to track liquidity and new pools on the DEX;
  • to receive information about protocols;
  • to monitor the trading history of successful traders;
  • to watch the status of various wallets that support DeFi assets;
  • to trade on multiple DEXs through a single ecosystem.

DEXTools provides access to all data analytics tools, helping users to feel free in the DeFi niche.

DEXTools Services

Let’s look at DEXTools services in more detail:

  • Live New Pairs is a service for monitoring new trading pairs added to the Ethereum-based DEX listing.
  • Pair Explorer is a trading pair analysis service that lets investors monitor their trading history and gives them real-time access to their charts. DEXTools also evaluates trading pairs, which makes it possible to avoid fraud.
  • Big Swap Explorer is a whale trade tracking system.
  • Multiswap lets you work with multiple trading pairs in a single window without opening multiple browsers or tabs.
  • New Pair Bot is an automated Telegram bot for monitoring data and collecting statistics on new trading pairs.
  • Price Bot is a price alert system for selected tokens. Notifications come by mail or Telegram.
  • Also the platform provides stats is an analytical service of statistics on trading a certain pair. A trading journal to record trades and control the chosen trading strategy and profit counter are also available. The system supports stop loss and take profit orders.

Subscription plans

DEXTools has three subscription levels:

  • Free. Only basic Uniswap analytics. Provides access to the pool and pair explorers described above, as well as the MultiSwap and Big Swap Explorer services.
  • Paid version. Available for $150 in DEXT, or 20,000 DEXT deposit in your wallet. In addition to the free version, it offers analytics on the state of the investment portfolio and completed transactions, alerts about price changes in real time etc. In the near future, the system will support trading bots and offer several DEX features.
  • Premium version. Available for 100,000 DEXT holders. In addition to the above features, it offers access to two premium services – DEXTShare and DEXTForce.
    At the same time, even free software offers a whole range of useful tools.


DEXTShare is a premium subscription revenue sharing service. Every month, a snapshot of DEXTShare users’ balances is taken, after which premium subscribers receive DEXT as part of an airdrop.


DEXTForce is for pre-sales of promising projects. Users can participate in the early stage of the token sale or receive an exclusive allocation.

Token DEXT

DEXTools has its own DEXT token. It provides access to paid services. The emission of DEXT is 150 million coins. DEXT is a deflationary asset that is programmed to burn the “money supply”. So far, DEXT has already burned 50 million DEXT and will continue to consume 10% of the amount users spend on a monthly subscription.


DEXTools is a powerful tool for traders and investors. Immersion in the world of decentralized finance becomes more efficient and conscious when you use it. You can sign up right now and take advantage of the free version of the software.



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