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Designmodo is a multifunctional platform that combines facilities of web-builder, template editor and an Email marketing service for creating newsletters. In addition to the main products listed on the official website, the company provides a large selection of additional services and a comprehensive knowledge base consisting of articles, manuals and news reviews related to the industry. Founded in 2010, the Designmodo platform is relevant for both novice webmasters looking for a quick start tool and experienced developers looking for automated solutions. A feature of the platform is the simplicity of the interface and rich functionality, which almost everyone can master. Whether you are a freelancer or running a large business, Designmodo-com has the right solution for your special business model.

According to the information on the website, the company accepts only bank cards payment. Designmodo’s policy says that the customer is entitled to a full refund within 20 days of purchasing one of the products.


Designmodo provides customers with flexible and easy-to-learn technical solutions. The platform is based on three key products:

  • A tool for creating mail messages and newsletters.
  • Web builder for quick assembly of animated websites.
  • Powerful Bootstrap website template builder.

What all three products have in common is drag & drop editing with lots of functions that can be integrated in. Thanks to this approach Designmodo’s technical solutions make it possible to bring any ideas to life. Each user can combine various functional modules and create the required template structure to achieve the set goals. At the same time, deep editing of any site elements is available in each of the interfaces, including:

  • Text and images editing;
  • Adding content and links with an HTML editor;
  • Integration with popular third-party services.

Below we will take a closer look at two alternative web builders.


This static site generator developed by Designmodo-com lets you in minutes create authentic web pages in a gorgeous design with animation elements. The list of partners which use includes such giants as Adobe, Nike, Disney, Microsoft and GoDaddy. And that facs says a lot about the web-builder.

The Slides uniqueness is that the user can combine over 200 different functional elements to create their own layout. All templates are responsive and look organic on PC and mobile devices. At the same time, the generator includes several powerful basic modules that can be customized to suit your tastes and goals. Among them there are:

  1. Panel;
  2. Slider;
  3. Dialog;
  4. Sidebar;
  5. Drop-down menu;
  6. Feedback form;
  7. Navigation;
  8. Popup windows;

Also a user can change individual blocks directly through the code (HTML, CSS and JS). The function of editing meta tags is available for effective search engines optimization.

Designmodo recently integrated a new feature for creating and editing pages online named Projects Slides 5. Thanks to this option you can quickly export a completed project.


Startup is a powerful Bootstrap builder that makes it possible to build quality commercial websites from over 300 different functional blocks. Each of the blocks can be customized to fit your needs in visual editor or by code editing. The intuitive interface lets you quickly master the capabilities of this tool.

The templates created with Startup Bootstrap are optimized for mobile devices, including Retina devices, where graphic elements look especially lively, bright and sharp. Any template you create can be exported with just one click.

The web-builder lets you style as deeply as necessary using HTML, CSS, Sass and JavaScript. The creators of the platform offer clients detailed documentation for working with the source code. In addition, there is a whole library of helpful manuals that will be useful when building a website. But even if you are not familiar with programming, in canvas mode you can freely move elements such as headers, navigation, e-commerce, call to action, forms, contacts, footers and more.


Designmodo offers three pricing plans for Slides on the terms below.

Free ($ 0 per month)

  • Limited selection of slides;
  • Limited settings and effects;
  • No support.

Business ($ 21 per month)

  • Exporting up to 20 projects per month;
  • Unlimited number of projects;
  • Unlimited pages;
  • Project management;
  • Support service;

Agency ($ 29 per month)

  • Unlimited projects exporting;
  • Unlimited number of projects;
  • Unlimited pages;
  • Project management;
  • Support service;

You can pay for a subscription for a month and for a year. If paid annually the savings will be $ 99 and $ 119 for the Business and Agency tariff plans respectively.

To work with the Startup Bootstrap template builder the following tariff plans are offered.

Free ($ 0 per month)

  • Full access to all functions;
  • Demo components;
  • Free Figma sources;
  • Support service.

Business ($ 29 per month)

  • Exporting up to 20 projects per month;
  • Full access to all functions and components;
  • Free Figma sources;
  • Priority support.

Agency ($ 39 per month)

  • Unlimited projects exporting;
  • Full access to all functions and components;
  • Free Figma sources;
  • Priority support.


Designmodo is a universal platform that features a wide range of internet marketing and web building tools. All proposed technical solutions combine functionality and ease of use. If you are looking for a handy tool for creating beautiful, fast and user-friendly web projects, then you will appreciate the Designmodo-com capabilities.

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